5/9/14 - Whitney arrived around 4 p.m. and she looks great!  She definitely has put on the weight she much needed (and a few more lbs)  She is still the same old love bug that she was a year ago when she left but also still has the same quirks with relaxing.  Just for an example:  I turned the stand up fan on and she was fine until I set it to oscillating then she was very uncomfortable and would keep an eye on it.  She seems to remember being here and everyone of the resident dogs, which makes for an easier transition for her.  She tries to keep herself attached to my 17 yr old daughter when possible, but then again they were best buds last year before she was adopted.  Whitney is a beautiful deep brindle girl with some splashes of white, for those of you who don't remember her she came in over bred with her poor boobies hanging so low and was so thin she just looked pitiful.  They (boobies) still hang but due to being a proper weight now, no longer look as bad but are still there.