AGE: 6 yrs
DOB:  5/22/10
WEIGHT: Unknown (approx. 60 lbs)
SEX:  Male
COLOR: Brindle/White
UTD: Yes
CHILDREN OVER 4:  Teens and Up
CATS:  No (no history)
OBEDIENCE TRAINED:  Basics-Listens well

10/27/16-Strattie here!  Just commandeered the computer while Foster Mom (FM) is at work!  I am hoping my forever family is reading this, and comes to get me real soon.  I am a very good boy, not to mention handsome – at least that’s what everyone tells me, so I gotta believe it.  I have explained to Foster Mom that I know hand signals, so she is using them with me all the time.  I love going for rides, and sometimes she takes me to this funny window where the people give her stuff, and they always give me what they call a ‘munchkin’  I have no idea what that is, but it’s delicious!  I also got to go visit a nice lady who talked to FM about me, and we got to play with toys (especially those ones that are like a rope) and she looked at my teeth, and said she thought I look more like I'm about three.  I don’t know ‘three’, but if it’s a good thing, I’m definitely it!  I can be a little pushy with kids and try to be a little dominant with them so I need a home with teens or up or no kids.  

I love going for walks with My foster mom and we get to see all the scary things in people’s yards.  I thought they were people, but they never move.  They just stand there. I also love to cuddle, especially on the couch when I can get in someone’s lap.  I sleep in bed with FM every night, but sometimes I like to just sleep in my own bed next to hers.  I love all kinds of food and toys, and especially things I can chew on for a while.  Please get your applications in soon – I love my foster home, but I really want a forever home!  

10/4/16-Strattie is a great dog and fits like a glove into any situation. I took him to the New England Pet Expo last weekend. He doesn't get all excited about the surroundings. He was very happy to lay on the floor beside me at our booth. Some people wanted to pat him. They came and sat down and got lots of wiggles and kisses, after that Strattie was content to lay down and watch the activities around him. He is such a handsome boy. He is a little sensitive about anyone touching his ears. He came into rescue with ear infections that he may have had for some time. The infection is all cleared up. He gives me no trouble when I clean his ears. He is a sweetheart. His paperwork says he is 6 years old, he acts more like 4. A very happy boy who loves to play and run laps in the yard. He went to the groomer after he arrived and did well there too. He is on a great schedule now that we found he likes pork instead of chicken! I take him for rides to Dunkin Donuts drive thru where he gets his munchkin every time. He knows that routine very well. He is a pleasure to have around and adjusts very quickly. He needs his forever home. Please consider adopting Strattie into your family.

8/25/16 - Here is a little info on Strattie's background.  He and another dog were taken from a home that the person was not fit to care for them. The shelter that took him in said he was super sweet but just very scared and stressed at being at the shelter so they contacted us.  They said he was always giving kisses, is great with everyone and loves being petted and paid attention to.  Can you give Strattie the life he deserves?

8/16/2016: Strattie is an awesome houseguest. He listens very well.
He came into rescue with ear infections. We went to the vet
and got meds for him. He is a different boy today - feels so much
better.  He wasn't too thrilled with the vet, but I have no problem 
putting his medicine in his ears. He sleeps with me at night.
He curls up and stays right there until I get up on the morning.
He loves to play in the yard and chew on his nyla bones.
He likes to be with me. He lays outside the bathroom door waiting
for me, unless I didn't close the door all the way and then he is
in there with me. He has very good manners and would fit into
any loving forever home.

8/6/2016: Strattie just arrived and made a grand entrance. He is a lover. Kisses all around. He is a very strong boy and has a lot of energy at this point. He is laying quietly now while I am typing. He was in a foster home for a week until we could take him into rescue and he sounds like he was a great house guest. He had all privileges and was left uncrated without incident. I will update again after I have spent some time with him. I'm looking forward to it! His foster family did a great job documenting his behavior and routine. Finally he is a lucky boy and will find the forever home he deserves.

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