State: CT
Age: 2.5 yrs.
Weight: approx. 50 lbs
Sex: Female
Neut/UPD: Yes/soon
Coat Color: White
Docked Tail: Yes
Cropped Ears: NO
Children under 4: Unsure
Children over 4: Yes
Separation Anxiety: No
Other Dogs: Yes
Cats: Will Chase
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Leash Trained; Yes
Obedience Trained: No
Micro-chipped: No
Adoption Fee: $375.00

4/29/15 Wow, this is one very awesome girl.  She loves to play with stuffed toys, and hard rubber toys, tossing them around and pouncing on them with lots of enthusiasm, and has shown both my dogs that she can run the back yard with the best of them, and actually seeks them out to play.  Being only 2.5 yrs old she has lots of energy to get out and with my fenced yard, she can do so for hours.  She has recently been updated on her Lepto shot, and received her 3 yrs. Rabies, and was a doll with the vet for both her shots and her HW test, and having her sensitive ears checked.  It does appear that Stella does suffer from seasonal allergies, and possibly food allergies, and it is a very easy solution, I took her off all chicken products, she is feed Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Bison, and Cetrizine Hyrochloride (generic Zyrtec) 2 times a day, and she is no longer scratching, no more inflamed ears, and she is just her happy, bouncy self.  So, if you think this very good girl is the right fit for you and your family, please, put in the application soon.

4/21/15 - Luna and “Stella 2” are littermates that lived with a small dog and 3 kids aged 7-12 years old.  Their family was moving out of state and sadly could not take them with them.  They are being fostered at two different foster homes, but if you are looking for a pair these two would be perfect.  They will also be fine going to separate homes as long as there is another dog in the new homes.    

4/19/15 - Miss Stella CT is absolutely awesome.  She has adapted beautifully to her new foster surroundings and plays well with both my boxer boys.  I'm so impressed with this girl, her manners are very good, no counter surfing for this girl, and she loves to be petted and snuggled.  It does appear that she has some allergies, but is rarely scratching her ears now that she has been changed to a grain free diet of Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Bison, and I've added coconut oil once a day as well as generic zyrtec.  There is some swelling of her ears due to the allergies, but that is improving.  She eats her pills willingly when rolled up in a small piece of ham, which is so easy to give her.  She walks right into her crate when I have to leave for any errands, and she does the same at bed time.  Although it's not her favorite place to be, she is great about it, the rest of the time she spends with all the same freedom of the house my own dogs have, which is unlimited.
Today she's enjoying the sunshine out on the deck soaking up all that vitamin D, she found a great spot not far away from my dogs and she seems to be very happy to have their company as well as playing boxer body slam running in the fenced yard.  While here and I'm home, they have unlimited access to the fenced yard, I do have a hanging screen door which allows them to go out whenever they want too.  Her previous owners say she is also trained to the underground electric fence as is Luna her sister.  So if you think this girl will be a good fit for your life, please fill out an application, she's only waiting for a solid loving home.

4/17/15- Please welcome Miss Stella CT, and what a beautiful white girl she is, with one beautiful blue eye and one brown eye, a dark patch over her left eye and a black patch on the very top of her back.  Her sister (litter mate) Luna arrived into rescue this week, and have been very good girls.  Although they are fostered in different locations, they have lived together since birth.
I can tell you that Stella rides beautifully in the car, hops right in, and she's ready for her road trip.  Her intro to my two boys is going smoothly, although they are seperated by baby gates, or crate until she is accustomed to them being around, but she seems unconcerned with their presence (what a good girl).  I'm looking forward to learning more about Stella CT as we get to know one another.  Please check back in and see what we've learned.