State: CT
Age: 1 1/2 yrs
Dob: 4/30/14
weight: Approximately 75
sex: Female
color: Brindle
Neut: yes
UTD: yes

Docked tail: no
cropped ears: no
children over 4: yes
children under 4: no- very puppyish
Other dogs: yes
cats: yes
separation anxiety: no
leash trained :working on it
crate trained: yes
house trained: yes
obedience trained: no
microchipped: unknown

Adoption fee $375

9/24/15 I honestly can't say enough good things about this beautiful girl.  She loves people, and really settles down well after her initial excitement of having a visitor.  Friends came over this week, and she will not jump if you remind her quietly that she needs to keep all four feet on the ground when meeting new people....she's just your typical youngster and gets all happy and excited thinking someone is coming just to see her.  Silly girl.

Stella is also enjoying the fact that she can let herself in and out of the deck and fenced yard using the "magic mesh" hanging screen door, and she really likes being outside, even when my dogs are lounging in the house, she's outside busy making sure the local squirrels stay out of the yard.  When we finally settle down for the night, she likes to curl up on the sofa or chooses one of the dog beds and snoozes without snoring so you can still hear TV. 

So this girl is looking for a home that is going to love her, and be patient with her as she is still bacisly a silly puppy at 1.5 yrs. old.  You won't be sorry if you choose this girl to enjoy for the rest of her life.


7/1/15-Stella has been with us for a while now and is making leaps and bounds on her potty training. She is making it through the night almost 100% now for 4 or so weeks! Stella doesn’t understand that water and food will be around for her so she eats and drinks anything in sight. We have to monitor her water intake and feed and water her on a SET schedule. She still has accidents as she still is not sure how to ask to go outside, but she is doing SO much better then when she first arrive.  She is so sweet and tries to please you! She will need an owner that is understanding that she was not taught at an early age to ask to go outside, and understand she needs to be TOLD to go outside and let out frequently.  She would do best in a home that has a dog door or a owner that can be with her during the day-  stay at home parent or retired. She is loveable, bubbly, and she is learning her basic manners. She is out playing with dogs all day and does so well with them. She loves kitties but no fault of her own she doesn’t really know what they are so she would need a kitty that would love her back and understand that she might sniff them a few 100 times!  She really is a sweet girl that just wasn’t given a shot when she was little! Consider opening your heart to this misunderstood girl and she will love you for a life time!!

4/14/2015 Miss Stella arrived a few days ago! She is a beautiful brindle girl with a tail, and her snout is just a tiny big longer than your average boxer. She was with SCBR when she was a puppy and is now back. Stella is 11 months old and full of energy. She is a sweet girl and wants to please you. She needs an active home that isn’t going to mind working on her obedience as she doesn’t seem to know many commands.  She will need a home that has patience with her and her need to be taught! Stella does very well with her house training during the day as long as she is let out about every 4 hours but does have issues with making I through the night. We are working on this with her, and I am not sure if it is just due to the stress of the move or if she has never been taught!  Stella has the potential to be a really great dog, she just needs someone to spend some time with her and teach her! Give this girl a chance, She might just surprise you!