State: Maine
Age:  10 months
dob: July 14, 2014
weight: 35 lbs.
sex: male
color: brindle
neut/upd: yes/yes
docked: yes
cropped: no
Kids Under 4: no

Kids over 4:  age 6 and up

dogs: yes
cats:  yes
separation anxiety: no
crate trained: yes
leash trained: some
house trained:  yes
obedience trained: no
micro chipped: no

Adoption fee:$375

05/24/2015 - Rocky is an awesome pup. All he wants to do is play and
please. He loves to be petted and loved.
Being very much a puppy, I keep finding toys outside that he has taken
out through the dog door. Nothing that can be damaged by the weather as
all toys are boxer-proof. He also has a tendency to bring in an
occasional small branch that he finds in the yard.
The family room floor is covered in toys that he has extracted from the
toy tub. He doesn't understand or appreciate that I need to leave them
in the tub until after I've finished vacuuming! He doesn't mind the
vacuum, but doesn't like the mower, which is battery operated and not noisy.
He fully understands "NO" as well as "Off" and "come". He is a pretty
smart guy. He is ripe for training and ready for his new forever home.

05/10/15 - I am really surprised that Rocky is still here. He is the
sweetest boy going and tho' on the thin side, is gaining muscle all the
time running and playing in the yard. He manners do need work, but
obedience should take care of that and at not quite 10 months he is
prime for training. He has the smoothest, softest, shinest coat that
any dog can have.

05/01/15 - Rocky has been having a very rough time the last couple of
days. First off, he sniffed Pepper and Pepper slapped him. I didn't
see any blood, but now Rocky is not only afraid of cats, but is very
hesitent to enter the living room, which is where Pepper hangs out! He
spotted Angel walking through the kitchen and decided his crate was a
safe haven from this other cat! Then, Fen snapped at him and scared him
so bad that he will not pass him in a doorway. If Fen is there he goes
the other way. He is submissive!!
He loves stretching out on the couch in the family room, if my dogs give
him the room. At least they share. He also loves checking the toy
tubb and appeared mystified when I put some stuff back in order to
vacuum. He doesn't appear to be afraid of the vacuum.

04/24/15 - Rocky has a vet app. for Tuesday am to have his staples
removed and get updated on his shots. Also he will get weighed and
hopefully he will show that he has gained weight.
He has been a model guest, quiet at night, not a noisy trouble maker
during the day or complaining about the crate.
He eats up any attention that he gets and really loves being paid
attention to.

4/21/15  - Rocky was surrendered to a vet office as he was diagnosed as having some type of severe obstruction and his owners could not afford to do the exploratory surgery.  It was found that Rocky had eaten a lot of Easter basket grass, a toy and fabric and stuffing from a stuffed toy.  He had to have almost a foot of intestines removed as it was so bad.  We don’t know if Rocky was left uncrated to get into things or if he is just a hoover-dog that eats things he shouldn’t.  For this reason we will be looking for a home without small kids and someone that is home more often and will crate him when he is left alone.


4/20/15 - Rocky is improving. All systems are working and he seems to
be feeling pretty good. I am working on teaching him to sit because I
figure it will be a good first step in his education. I am also working
on his leash walking. He doesn't pull very much, but he needs to learn
to pay attention and not pull at all.
We walked to a neighbors house (about the length of a football field)
and she came out on the porch to meet him. He was terrified when the
door opened and she came out. He needs to be socialized-big time! Once
he is healed up we will work on that a bit.

 April 17, 2015 - I picked up Rocky from the vet this morning and he rode
well all the way home. He seems fearful of anything new and is a bit
"head shy". Hopefully that will pass.
This little boxer boy is very sweet and would love to run and play, but
because of his recent surgery he has to be leash walked for the next
couple of weeks. His diet is restricted and he has to eat smaller
meals, more often, for now. It is hard to believe that at 9 months he
is only 35 lbs. He is long and very thin (hope the thin is very
temporary), and resembles a grayhound much more than a boxer. His face
says he is boxer and so does that wagging nub!

He walks well on leash, so far. I don't know yet if he is house
trained, but we will figure it out fairly soon.