STATE: Maine
AGE: 7 years
DOB: 2007
WEIGHT: 65 lbs
SEX: male
NEUT/UTD: yes/yes
CATS: no
ADOPTION FEE: "Senior Boxer" fee waived
Sponsorship accepted

*NOTE - SCBR waives its training requirement on all senior dogs

5/9/14- Rocky is still waiting for his forever home and he really isn’t sure why? He has worked so hard on his crate training and obedience! He is a delight to have and a true lover! He has so much fun with his foster sister eva and would love a home with a friend to play with! He loves to play ball and cuddle, or go on long walks. He enjoys doggie daycare and also time just sitting on the couch! Wont you open your home to this sweet little senior!?

  01/20/14 - Rocky has been having so much fun with us. He loves to run around in the snow with his friends, but he also enjoys being inside where it is warm and cuddling up on the beds with his roommates! He has been doing really well with the resident cat and learning to leave them alone. I think it is still best he not go to a home with cats as he still has a serious drive to chase them, but he is learning it's wrong. He is smart! He is doing really well in his crate and his separation anxiety is a lot better! He has been sleeping in his crate at night and being as quiet as a boy can be. He plays most of the day with his friends so that helps him be sleepy at night! He would probably really like a friend to play with in his new home or doggie daycare a few days a week. He might be an older boy but he still has a fair amount of get up and go! He cannot wait to find himself the perfect home. He is a great guy and a great catch!

11/09/13 -
"Rockin Rocket" as I like to call him is doing VERY well with us here..… I am not sure why he hasn’t found his new forever home as he is really a great guy! He is doing so well with his crate training and he has really come a long way! Some of Rockys favorite activities include- Running, Jumping, Peanut butter Kongs, treat balls, and his friends of course! He has been hanging out with all his daycare buddies here and he LOVES to run and jump and play with them all! He would do well in a home with another dog with an experienced owner, as he still has some separation problems, but with another friend around it would make him feel A LOT better! He is a happy bouncy guy.. and has quite a bit of spring in his step considering he is 6! This boy doesn’t let much get him down! He is ALWAYS happy! Swoop him up now before he gets away!

10/14/13 -
Rocky has been learning how to be in his crate and is up to 5 hours at a time now. He will whine if he sees us moving around the house and he is in it but when we are out of sight and out of mind he lays down and takes a nap! He is really a great guy and would make a family very happy! He still needs a home that will be around more often than not. He will need exercise before going in his crate for a long time to calm his jets! He does have a lot of energy so needs a fairly active lifestyle. He is a sweet loveable guy! Call today to make this boy part of your family!

08/25/13 -
Rocky has been with us for a while now and is still looking for his perfect family. He is a good boy and wants to please you. His only fault is he doesn’t like to be alone. If you are a stay at home Mom/dad, work from home, or are retired this dog is the dog for you! He sits, waits, comes, downs, heels on a leash. He loves to run and jump and play, but is content laying around with you as well. He recently when to a golf tournament we were hosting to support a local shelter and he LOVED it. He was so polite with everyone he met. Hugs and Kisses all over. He is currently off all his anxiety medication, and working on being crate trained. He still whines and gets anxious but he is MUCH better about his crate then when he arrived. With the right support Rocky could really learn to do things right! Wont you give him a chance?

07/07/13 -
Rocky has been here for a little over a month. He is still working on his separation anxiety, and is taking daily meds to help him through the adjustments. He will need a home that is understanding, and can help him work through his fear of being alone. He loves to play with the other dogs. He is a very energetic boy for 6 years old and loves to run and play. All the other dogs want to sleep and he is up barking for someone to play! He would do well in an active home. He is getting better every day with his manners- Sits, heels, downs are coming along. He loves to be loved- He is a LEANER for sure.. just leans right into you when you pet him. True boxer trait! Get your applications in!!

06/15/13 -
Rocky has been with us now for a couple weeks. He went to the vet this past week and got a great bill of health! He is Lyme and Anaplasmosis positive since 2010, but he shows no signs or symptoms of it and the vet believes that because he tested so lightly for them he is completely over them. Basically he is in PERFECT health! Rocky does have separation anxiety, and we have started some anti-anxiety medication to help him deal with when he is left alone. In his previous home he went to work with his dad and only was left for 2-3 hours at a time. He is learning to be left alone longer and he is working on his basic commands. He is quite the jumper so he will need a tall fence(6ft) if his future owners want to keep him in. He would do great in agility or some other sport that requires him to jump.. He’s just so good at it! He is a good boy who wants to please and will make someone a great dog if they can work with him! He is waiting for his perfect forever home. Get your applications in!

06/05/13 -
Rocky has been with us since Sunday- Rocky is a sweet boy, and loves just about everyone he has met so far. He met my old girl Josie today and they got along just fine. They didn’t play that much as they are both older birds! But everyone was happy to just have someone to hang out with. Rocky does have separation anxiety, and we are working on some training techniques to help him. Rocky will be having an exam with the vet on Tuesday and some vaccines updated. I will update more once we get to know this boy better!