State: Maine
Age:  1 year
DOB:  07/06/2014
Weight:  53 lbs.
sex:  Female
color:  White
Neut:  Yes
UTD:  Yes
Docked tail:  Yes
cropped ears:  No
children over 4:  Yes
children under 4:  No-too rough
other dogs:  Yes
cats:  probably
separation anxiety:  No
leash trained:  No
house trained:  Yes
obedience trained:  No
micro-chipped:  no
adoption fee:  $375.

08/12/15 Riley is being abused by my little beagle and I have to put the
beagle in "time-out" to protect Riley. Riley is still running off all
the food I provide her. She looks skinny, but eats well. Well, she is
still very much a puppy. She enjoys running in the yard with my dogs
and they take turns on who is the "chaser". She never seems to get
dirty and always looks clean. She still tries to eat the lawnmower
wheels, so I make sure to carry a small spritzer bottle (which she
respects) when I have to mow the dog yard. When I was still stacking
wood, she would steal a piece of wood and take it away to chew. Some
pieces she stole were pretty good sized! Some days I put the vibrating
collar on her and some days I don't. At least it gets her attention
when I use it. She is doing well.

07/17/2105 - Riley is doing well, but needs a home of her own. She is
clean, uses the dog door at will, crates like a dream, eats anything
offered, loves to play, enjoys bones and toys and is in general a very
good guest. She really likes to lay in my canvas lawn chair, in the sun!
Riley is very curious about things and likes to explore everything
around the yard and in the house. She no longer tries to explore the
serving-counter in the family room because I taught her with the
"scat-strip" that it was a real "no-no"!
Riley will steal something with my scent on it, for the sake of
possession. She doesn't chew the objects, but there are times they need
to be retrieved! My work gloves-one at a time, a shoe and a sock were
the latest items. No damage was done to anything. She is a comical girl.
If you have a fenced in yard and another dog, this is the girl for you.

7/13/15 Riley likes ice cubes! She likes them so well that she will dip her
muzzle into 4 inch deep water to get one. Naturally, she dribbles lots
of water onto the floor on her way to the dog door and taking it out to
the deck to chomp on. Then she comes back for another! Her whole muzzle
was wet even above her nose!

7/8/15 Riley is already learning how to use the dog door. She really doesn't
care to be alone, so this is working for her. Smart and observant.
7//7/15 Riley arrived into rescue Sunday and arrived at the Log Cabin late Sunday afternoon.  She is a nice girl, but was very stressed after her long ride and it took a bit for her to settle down and she did eat.  She was much better on Monday.  I'm using a vibrating (only) collar to get her attention outside. 
She is a tall girl and for her weight, has lots of muscle;  four-paw drive on the end of a leash!  Treats, which she takes gently, slow her down considerably and will be the key to training her.  She loves to be petted and eats up attention, which causes a bit of non-aggressive jealousy with my white girl and the rest of the pack.  They are just very pushy pups.  is a great site for guidance to teach this girl her necessary hand signals.  There are other sites that one can check into and books on training the DEAF dog.  I have found that deaf dogs are usually very receptive to training.  American sign language can also be used if one wishes.  Being deaf, for her protection, she needs a real fence and a companion dog.  She is very pretty!