State: Maine
Age: 4 years old
DOB:  ?
Neutered, UTD: Yes
Docked tail
Natural ears
Weight: 50 pounds
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Leash trained: Yes
Good with cats:  No
Good with other dogs:  Yes

Kids Under 4: No

Kids over 4: Unsure

Adoption fee $375

9/3/14 Reggie is hanging out full-time at the Riverview Boxer-Hostel with Richard.  They love to go for rides together, and go blueberry picking.  Reggie had the chance to go to an evening meeting (he stayed in the car) and met a zillion of Richard's friends--male and female!  And he LOVED everyone.  In the house, we couldn't ask for a better dog!  Reggie is loving, attentive, calm, and relaxed.  He'll curl up with us on the couch, or on the floor at our feet (or in bed when it's bedtime--and he knows when that is!).  His appetite is great, but he keeps his trim figure.  He's not a drooler, and he's not a big kisser, either, although he is very affectionate.
Reggie is a real sweetheart! 

7/24/14 I had trouble with the camera, so we only "got" those two pictures of this handsome man.  But at least everyone can see that he IS handsome, and has settled in here nicely.  Reggie has found a playmate!  The gangly, young, Weimeraner/Lab cross next door and he will run and run.  She doesn't know quite what to make of his Boxer rough and tumble play as she is more of a chase-the-ball kind of girl, but they both know how to run!  Reggie may also know how to jump--as in fences!  I left to run some errands today and he was in the house.  Next thing my cell phone is ringing, and Richard is telling me "Reggie got out"--then thankfully--"it's OK, he's with me".  A moment of panic until i heard he was OK--because Reggie has barely (finally) begun to allow Richard to pet him.  Today I saw him welcoming our other housemate with Boxer wiggles.  It's so rewarding to see him trust more and more with each passing day.  Reggie's tiny stature amazes me.  I 'm used to to B-I-G boys, who average close to 100 pounds.  Reggie's half that--and therefore so much more "portable"  Yesterday when driving, he decided to curl up on the floor in front of the passenger seat!  He fit!  I think it was cooler there for him and yesterday was hot.
I think Reggie is a great guy, and I'm sure you will, too!


We made it to the Vet today, and Reggie weighs 50 pounds!  
AND great news Number 1 : he is heartwom free so we can start him on preventative.
Great news Number 2: here at home, Reggie has learned how to use the doggie door to the back yard!  
Great news Number 3:  My friend comes back tomorrow and he will take the promised pictures of this handome man and help me post them!


7/12/14 Reggie continues to be the perfect guest!  He loves riding in the car, and loves to cuddle on the couch during the day and in bed at night.  He'd rather be with me than be alone (what Boxer wouldn't) but tolerates staying alone in the house when I'm gone, or when I'm out in the yard working or in the lake swimming.  He watches me, but doesn't bark or whine!
Reggie met and played with the big Lab next door, and he loved having a playmate.  She unfortunately was a little skittish to him. 
Reggie is very slowly beginning to allow new people to meet him, but he is still very frightened.  
I promise to take some photos and post them soon so that you can all see what a handsome man he

7/1/14 Reggie continues to be a doll!  He curls up nest to me on the couch, or in bed.  He only had one accident in the house and that was because he was left alone, and he has not yet learned how to use the doggie door.  He is still very frightened by new people, and he was quite stressed the other day when I have house full of company--so he chilled in the bedroom.  Therefore, while it was reported that he lived with children, I am going to recommend that Reggie be adopted by a family that does not have a lot of coming and going.
Up here at camp, he avoids the lake (not a surprise!), but stares longingly out the sliding glass door at me when I am outside.  He still has a good appetite.  I am feeding him several small meals daily as he overate one day and vomited everything back up.  Just that one time, so I'm hoping it won't happen again.

6/26/14 I picked up Reggie at the shelter on Saturday.  He was an owner surrender, and had been there five days.  He was a scared, shivering, quivering little baby.  His caretaker said that he had left his bed only to go "out".  We spent an hour with him before he had calmed enough to be lifted into the car for the trip home.  Reggie is a little bit of a boy--my guess is only about 45 pounds--and with the weight he lost while in the shelter his ribs and hip bones are prominant.  He has a good appetite now, so I'm sure he'll gain that weight back.
His surrendering family said tht they had had him since he was a puppy, that he lived with children and another dog, and that he didn't like being left alone. They also said that he liked riding in cars, and I can vouch for that--he rode fine to our home, and then rode great for the trip up to my lakefront camp.  I'd agree that he doesn't like to be alone, but I can happily report that Reggie did not damage anything or bark when left alone in the car or in the house, at least for an hour or two.  I haven't left him for longer than that yet.  

He bonded wth me, but he hasn't let anyone else near him--not children, teens, women, or men.  He'd growl at the door, and then run and hide in the other room.  Reggie is a great cuddlebug on the couch or in bed.  It had been reported that he slept in bed with his owner, and our first night he jumped up next to me without a formal invitation.  Reggie would wake me up when he had to go out, and hasn't had a single accident!  He's definitely housebroken!
Reggie is a sweetheart, and he's looking for his forever true love.