State. Central NY
Age. 6
DOB. Unknown
Weight. 64
Sex. Male
Color. Reverse brindle
Neutered/ Up to date Yes/Yes
Docked tail. Yes
Cropped ears. No
Children over 4. Unknown
Children under 4. No- no history
Other dogs. Yes
Cats. No (no history)
Separation anxiety. No
Leash trained. Yes
Crate trained. Yes
House trained. Yes
Obedience. Not much
Microchipped No
Adoption fee. $375


Otis gets his stitches out on Saturday 10/22, and we just got word the lump that was removed was benign! He is such a good boy and now he's got a clean bill of health to match. 
Otis loves to go for walks and he loves to run around the yard with the other dogs, but he also likes  his naps and quiet time. He'll curl up with the other dogs to sleep or content himself with a chew toy.  He greets us by jumping around in circles -- so cute and so funny!  We will miss this guy but he will make everyone in his forever home very, very happy. 

10/10/16-Otis did great with the neutering today but the cyst was
bloody not fatty. They removed it and are having it tested. We'll get
the test results next week.

10/5/16-Otis charmed everyone at the vet, lots of kisses to go around!
He got medicine earlier this week for tapeworm, and today the vet
extended the same antibiotic for his cough (gone now) to help a rash
on his testicle finish healing. So he is on track to be neutered
Monday am.  The lump near his tail the vet thinks is a sebaceous cyst
and will remove it when he is neutered.

10/2/16-Otis is doing better and his hair is growing back on his rear
end, so he is really looking good. He did find a lump on his back end
near the base of his tail. The skin looks fine, it's under the
surface. The vet will probably want to take a sample while he's under
for his neutering next week. I'll know more when we see the vet on

9/26/16-Otis was coughing a lot and it was getting worse so our vet
squeezed him in and said he has kennel cough. So yesterday he finished
the antibiotic he was put on for his ear infections, and he started a
new one (cefpodoxime 290 mg). It's supposed to be good for skin too so
hopefully it will also help his hair come back in on his back where he
had some hair loss when he came in.  He's still going in for a more
thorough exam on 10/5 and neuter on 10/10.

9/25/16- Otis has been with us for a week now and he has become one of the pack, playing and running in the yard with our other two boxers. He always lets us know when he needs to go outside. He also tells us when he wants to go for a walk!

He's a big, happy lovebug and he will be a great companion for some lucky family!  

9/18/2016 Otis was picked up as a stray and rescued from a shelter. He's being treated for ear infections and will be neutered on October 10th.

He is very friendly and affectionate! He knows "sit" and he's very good on a leash. And despite not being neutered he hasn't had any accidents in the house in his first 24 hours with us.

Will update more as we get to know this handsome guy!