State: Maine
Age: 1 yr.
Dob: unsure
weight: 45 lbs
sex: female
color: fawn
Neut/upd: yes/yes
docked tail: yes
cropped ears : no
children over 4: yes
children under 4: no
Other dogs: yes (needs another dog)
cats: yes
separation anxiety: no
leash trained : no
crate trained: yes
house trained: learning
obedience trained: no
micro-chipped: no

09/02/14 - Missy is now spayed and UTD on shots as well as HW negative.
She weighs 37 lbs. but should be around 40 lbs. but Dr. Matt said not more than 45
lbs. as she is full grown.  She understands the word "NO", and has met Mr. Spritzer bottle when she ignores me. She is curious about the cats but she has not yet met Pepper, the 'dog  trainer'. If she does not show respect, he will teach her. She is still very shy, but is making good progress. House training is  coming along slowly. We still have a lot of work to do in that regard so she is still dragging the leash. She is learning that there are things called "toys". I am encouraging to try to play. It may not happen. She does not like to be crated, but once in is quiet and clean.

08/29/14 - Missy has learned to use the dog door, both coming and going.
However, she doesn't yet "get it" so I am spending a lot of time outside
with her in hopes of catching her performing her toilet, like this
morning, so as to praise her. She is clean and dry in her crate at night.
She now wiggles to great me, but won't allow me to do much more than pat
her head. She doesn't wish me to take her leash. She is "spooked" by
such things as an acorn dropping onto the ground and flees in fear! I
think she is getting better.
Being here is difficult for her as there are no young dogs to play
with. She sprinted around the yard this morning and was almost a blur
she was moving so fast! She tried to get my 3 legged boy involved but
he only made a half-hearted offer to intercept her as she sped by.
She has no clue what a toy is.

8/24/14- Because this little girl came into rescue not recognizing either of the
names given,  I have decided to call her Missy, which she seems to like.
She is a beautiful red fawn and has a long dock, but she still has her
dew claws.
She is extremely shy, possibly because of a lack of socialization, and
until this afternoon, I didn't see any wiggle at all.  Then she
"wiggled" at Rose and wanted to play.  Whenever I moved around the yard,
she followed me.  I think I have a friend.  I have been very careful to
not raise my voice and to be cajoling as much as possible.  It seems to
be working.
We spent the greater part of the day outside and I didn't see her potty
once!  However, a runner in the house got blessed!
I left her food in the crate overnight and she did eat.  This am she had
breakfast in the crate and I found out tonight that
she really prefers to eat in the crate. I will upload a few pictures soon.

8/24/14 Missy came into rescue today along with her sister Maggie. She came from a owner/breeder that became overwhelmed with caring for the dogs, especially since his children moved out. Missy has not been well socialized and is unsure of everything right now. In the coming weeks we hope she learns to love human affection, wiggle her nub and lose her fears. More updates soon.