State:                           MA
Age:                            8 years
Dob (if known)           5/22/08
weight:                        58 lbs  
sex:                              Male
color:                           Fawn w/Black Mask
Neut/upd:                    Yes/Yes

docked tail:                 Yes
cropped ears:               No
children over 4:           Yes

children under 4:         Yes
Other dogs:                 Yes

Cats:                             unknown

separation anxiety:      No
leash trained:               No/pulls

Crate trained:              No/working on it
house trained:              Yes
obedience trained:       No
microchipped:             unknown

Adoption Fee:             $100.00


12/12/16- Here is a little background info on Maxx.  He and his son
Axel (already adopted) came into rescue together as their owner had
major surgery recently and couldn't care for them anymore. They were
also moving out of state and couldn't bring the dogs.  They had Maxx
since he was a puppy and he was good with and lived with kids that are
now 10 and 16 years old and Axel.  They said he was also great with
kids under 4 and other dogs, but he has not been around cats.

12/5/16  Hi Everyone.  My name is Maxx but foster mom insists on calling me Peanut because of my small stature.    I am an awesome dog; well-mannered, love to cuddle and I get along with everybody!  My ear infection is healing very well and I have almost completed my medicines.  I am a happy camper and would make a great addition to any home!  Please consider giving me my forever home.  Wiggles and Kisses, Maxx


11/19/2016 Maxx has arrived into rescue and what a sweet boy he is.  He settled in with his current foster brother and sisters.  He was fine from the moment he met them, and one is a Boston Terrier who he thought was a great playmate. 

Maxx with be brought up to date on his shots, and neutered this week, so he will be ready to go.  I have noticed that he has an ear infection but this will be treated and he'll be ready to delight any new family.  So stay tuned and hear how Maxx is doing, and how much you are going to want to make him a part of your life.