State: NH
Age: 2
Dob: 8/11/13
Weight: 64 lbs.
Sex: F
Color: brindle
Neut/upd: Yes/Yes
Docked tail: No
Cropped ears: No
Children over 4: yes
Children under: No, too pushy
Other dogs: best as only dog
Cats: no
Separation anxiety: none
Leash trained: yes
Crate trained: yes
House trained: yes
Obedience trained: knows basic commands
Microchipped: yes
Adoption fee: $375

1/23/2016  Luna is great to have around. She loves to sit with me on the couch or steal my chair when I get up. She looks up at me and her tail starts thumping. She is not looking to give me my seat back! Luna sleeps with me and likes to pick her spot in the middle of the bed. If I need to sleep before work, she goes in her crate with no problem. She adjusts to any situation. Having a bath is not her favorite thing, but she offers little resistance and stands still while I soap her up and rinse. She is OK with getting her nails trimmed. I think she likes the attention. Even with the snow on the ground, she runs her laps around the back yard along the fence. Her skin irritation has cleared up - maybe a seasonal type thing. She is always ready to go in the car and I never mind taking her anywhere with me. She will be your best friend!

12/7/15 Well, Miss Luna had her coming out party on Saturday when she attended her first pet adoption event in CT, along with her new pal Reese, who is an old pro at fundraising. She behaved very well with the other dogs that were in attendance. She showed more interest in the cats than I was comfortable with. She greeted all the adults and children with licks and wiggles and got all the attention she could handle. She interacted with the 2 family dogs where we stayed very well and with very little introduction time. She loves to run and play and is a more dominant type female. Luna loves to go in the car. I take her out to run around doing errands. She is very happy to sit and people watch while I am in the stores. I take her into the pet store with me. I just have to watch out for her picking out her own snacks. She is a happy girl and is always ready to go! She will make a great family dog. She does need room to run. She has long legs and loves to run laps around the yard. 

10/31/15- Luna has adjusted like a pro to homelife, spending a lot of her 2 years in shelters. She struggled with the flight of stairs, but never refused to go down them. Now she runs up them 2 stairs at a time. Housetraining was never an issue. She goes to the porch door when she wants to go out. She will stay outside in the yard for hours. She loves it out there. She comes to me to play or she will entertain herself with her chew toys. When someone comes to visit, she goes to the door with me to greet them and then will find a chew toy and lay down where we are sitting. Luna has a dry eye condition which requires drops 2X a day. This is a permanent condition. I'm trying to resolve a minor skin irritation that she has which bothers me way more than it bothers Luna. Overall, she is a pleasure to have around and would be a great addition to any family. When she sees other dogs, she wags her tail. I think she would like to play, but we haven't done that yet. She is not concerned with the neighbors when she sees them. She rarely barks at anyone! One thing I will say is she is very, very strong, but what a good girl!

Luna arrived today after a long transport from New Jersey.
She was very quiet and calm for the transport, but she is
now checking everything out and running laps around the yard.
She listens well, but will need some work on her leash.
More to come.