State:    MA
Age:     2  1/2 years
Dob (if known)  10/4/12
weight: 51 lbs.
sex: Female
color: White
Neut/upd: Yes/Yes
docked tail: Yes
cropped ears: No
children over 4: Yes
children under 4: Unsure
Other dogs: Yes
cats: No
separation anxiety: No
leash trained: Some
Crate trained: Yes
house trained: Yes
obedience trained: Not much
Adoption Fee: $375

April 22, 2015.  Hi, Luna here again.  I’ve been here a week and my Foster Parents are very happy with me.  I have been introduced to their boxer, 6 year old Bowie.  We have lots of fun together.  We play hard, boxer style, and then we nap together on the big couch.   Foster Mom wanted me to let you know that I am trained to an underground electric fence (in case my forever home has one).  She also says that I should be good with children of all ages.  I like to jump and kiss, but she says some “obedience training” will help with that.   My litter mate, Stella 2, is fostered in Connecticut.  I sure do miss her; but Bowie is turning out to be a really swell playmate.  My Foster Parents are just the best; but I do so wish for a forever home of my own………love, Luna

4/21/15 - Luna and “Stella 2” are littermates that lived with a small dog and 3 kids aged 7-12 years old.  Their family was moving out of state and sadly could not take them with them.  They are being fostered at two different foster homes, but if you are looking for a pair these two would be perfect.  They will also be fine going to separate homes as long as there is another dog in the new homes.    
4/15/15     Hi.  My name is Luna and I am living in something called a Foster Home until I can find my forever home.  I have a Foster Mom and a Foster Dad who feed me (I have a hearty appetite), walk me (I love exercise); play with me (that’s the “boxer” in me); cuddle with me (I’m a big mush) and take lots of pictures of me (because I am so beautiful). Foster Mom always calls me a good good girl when I go right into my crate and she laughs a lot when she lets me out and I give her plenty of boxer kisses.  I have only been here a few days so I will write again soon and let you know how my Foster Parents are doing.  Barks and kisses, Luna