State: Maine
Age: Approximately 11 months
Dob: Unsure
weight: 62lbs
sex: Female
color: Brindle
Neut: yes
UTD: yes

Docked tail: yes
cropped ears: no
children under 4: no
children over 4: age 7 and up
Other dogs: yes
cats: with dog-savvy cat
separation anxiety: no
leash trained : somewhat
crate trained: yes
house trained: yes
obedience trained: Some
microchipped: unknown

adoption fee: $375

4/4/15- Ben the cat and Lexi met to see how she would be around cats.
 Lexi was pretty sure Ben was a dog- She sniffed him and bowed at him. No aggression but she did want to play bounce around at him. So as long as the cat was nice to her I think she would be nice to it.

4/1/15 Lexi has been doing great with us here! She has gained weight and also made many friends. She plays with dogs of all sizes but does best with a dog that is of same size or bigger as she is a puppy and doesn’t understand that she is big and sometimes squashes the little ones! She is working on her commands but occasionally forgets and jumps up or digs at me.  She still is pretty nervous with quick movements and because of this I think she should go to a home that has older children so that they understand she may take a while to warm up! She never does anything aggressive but she prefers a quiet human over a wild one.  When I move too quick she will cower even after being with us for almost 2 months, but we are working on her fears and trying to build her confidence. She is crate trained and potty trained. She has never had an accident and is VERY quiet. She only barks a tiny bit when she plays otherwise I never hear a peep out of her. She is a very sweet girl and will make someone a fabulous companion! Get your applications in I don’t think she will be here much longer!

2/25/15 Lexi has been doing really well since she got her. She was spayed 7 days ago and her incision is healing up nicely. 3 more days of rest and then she’s a free bird. Once lexi is all healed she will get to meet some friends around here and see how she does with them. Lexi was with a smaller dog in her previous home but did get into a squabble with him over a bag of trash. The other dog did need stitches because of the fight. We will have to wait and see once lexi is released from her surgery rest to see how she will be with the other dogs. My guess is it was over the prize – the garbage!   Lexi is also a bit thin when she got here so I am working diligently to get her fattened up! Lexi is a little nervous around new people and new situations. She does warm up to a person as long as you go slowly with her and give her time to accept you. She is young- only about 10 months- so I am pretty sure with some confidence building training she will work herself out of this shy routine! Because lexi is so young she is going to need a home that can keep up with her energy level, and spend lots of time training her. She is house broken, and crate trained. She is going to make someone a heck of a dog!  

2/14/15- Lexi has arrived just in time to get snowed in! She is a bit
nervous as she has been moved around a lot in the last few weeks. She
did get in a fight with a beagle in her previous home of 2 weeks, and
due to the family having small children they decided it wasn’t a good
fit. The fight was brought on by the dogs breaking open a bag of
trash.  Lexi will need to be spayed, and have time to relax before I
can update her more! She is a sweet pea though! Loves kisses and