State: NH
Age:  7 yrs
DOB:  unk
Weight: 61 lbs
Sex:    Male
Neut/UPD:  Yes/Yes
Docked Tail:  Yes
Children under 4: Yes
Children over 4:    Yes
Separation Anxiety: unsure
Other Dogs:     Yes
Cats:                 Yes
Crate Trained:  Yes
House Trained: Yes
Leash Trained;  Yes
Adoption Fee:    senior dog fee waived

6/17/14 I suspect our foster boy, Lex, has read Charles Dickens at some point. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times" can accurately describe his personality.
He is quiet, but can be vocal. He loves to nap in the sun, yet has energy plus. He is a goofy, happy boy, yet a sharp word halts him in his tracks.
All of this shows Lex tries very hard to adapt himself, and is extremely sensitive to the situation at hand.
He will thrive in a home with clear, consistent direction, both from his humans, and four legged companions.
Lex has traveled a great distance to come to NH to find his forever home, and although it will be hard to see him leave, I know he is one of the most deserving dogs I have ever met.
6/12/14 Lex is an intelligent, sensitive boy who has seamlessly fit into the dynamics of our pack and home.  He enjoys car rides, walks, and, food.
While showing some reactivity when passing other dogs when on leash, he does correct, but needs a firm, competent person to correct that behavior, and channel it toward a more positive response.
As he has settled in and gotten to know us, his more playful side is showing. He greets us with a 'bounce,' never jumping onto you, but beside you in a joyful wiggle.
The benefits of adding a mature dog into your home are many, and Lex is a wonderful example. He has plenty of energy, but does not expend it on destructive behavior. He knows his basic commands. Loves affection, but is never cloying. There are no issues at mealtime. I could go on and on, but the best way for him to show you specifically what a good boy he is would be to give him a well deserved home of his own. 6/9/14-Lex was a perfect gentleman at the vets this morning and he got a clean bill of health.  My vet does agree with me however about his age being closer to the 7 year range rather than five.
6/7/14 Lex is like the missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle. He fits in wherever he should.
He is affectionate, but not clingy. He is a gentleman, almost refined, if that description could be applied to a dog.
I feel he is on the thin side, and even so, at dinner Fri night, he backed off from his bowl when one of my cats went to investigate its content.
He is a bit head shy, and not fond of sudden or loud noises, but I feel he would flourish as either the star of his own show, or with a companion animal where he could share the spotlight.
6/6/14- Lex has been here with us for a day now, and seems to be a polite, grounded, happy boy.  He listens, loves affection, has been deferential to the dogs, and unconcerned with the cats.
I know coming into a new situation with all the differences that accompany it is a challenge, but he is taking all in stride.
He seemed interested in a tennis ball yesterday, so we 'attempted' to play catch, which translated  as my tossing the ball near his face, and his mouth opening at random times in its decent to the floor!
I feel, as he acclimates, his playful side and humor will begin to show, and I cannot wait to see it!