State :New Hampshire
Age: 10 yrs old
Dob (if known)
weight: 80 lbs
sex: Female
color: White
Spayed/upd: Yes/ Not Sure
 docked tail: Yes
cropped ears: No
children over: Not Sure
children under Not Sure
 Other dogs: Lives with other dog
 cats: Not Sure
separation anxiety: No
leash trained Yes Pretty much
crate trained: Doesn't need one
house trained: Yes
obedience trained: knows basic commands
microchipped: not sure
Adoption fee: waived

8/31/15- Kasey is a 10 year old white Boxer who has lived her life with Hershey,
another boxer on this site. They came in as a bonded pair and will be
adopted out together. They are such a nice combo. Kasey nags at Hershey and they get running in the yard from end to end. She is a very sweet girl and is totally devoted to her mate Hershey. Because of her age, minimum stairs to climb would be good for both of them. Would they be a good combo for your