State: Maine
Age: 4
Dob: Unsure
weight: Approximately 80-85lbs
sex: Male            
color: Flashy Fawn          
Neut: Yes
Utd: yes

Docked tail: yes
cropped ears: no
children over 4: Over 12

children under 4: no
Other dogs: yes

cats: No
separation anxiety: no
leash trained : yes
crate trained: yes
house trained: yes
obedience trained: yes
microchipped: unknown

Adoption fee: $375

6/22/16-Jackson is still here and we are kind of wondering why!? He is a fantastic
guy who loves to play ball, give kisses and cuddles! He is a great dog.
Leash trained and obedience trained. His only fault is he is nervous around
new people, but quickly comes around and falls in love! He plays now with
dogs of all sizes at daycare but he is a BIG boxer so he sometimes bumps
into them, but has never done any harm! He has plenty of energy to run and
jump and go for long hikes, but can also be calm and spend the day on the
couch! He has a huge toy bin and loves to take out his toys one by one and
does a great job of entertaining himself when we are busy! Now if we could
get him to put his own toys away at the end of the day! He really is a GREAT
guy... Make him your new family member today!

4/17/16- Jackson is a real lover but has “stranger danger” feelings.  Once he meets a person and trusts them it’s for life!  But at first he is very afraid and shakes and barks.  He has never done anything bad and nothing more than run and bark, but he needs a confident person that will understand his emotions and has dealt with a dog that has confidence issues.   He does seem better with women.  I feel as though his behavior has regressed some since he was fostered here a year ago, before his adoption and return when his adoptive family couldn’t keep him.  I would like to see him in a home that will take training classes with him and get him back to where he was.  Jackson hasn't had any issues here with other dogs but when he was dropped
off his owner said he would show some issues meeting other dogs when on leash. I haven't seen this behavior.. but since he isn't good with strangers I have a feeling it’s not the other dog but the human he is meeting. He is so loving and kind, playful and fun.  A true pleasure to be around once he gets to know you.  He loves ball & frisbee but yet enjoys just cuddling & giving kisses.  He is going to make someone a lovely companion. 

3/8/16-Jackson has been back to his foster home for a couple of days now and he is super sweet and doing good, though he is very nervous. He has bad doggy face acne and a soft stool which I think is all stress related.  We are using acne wipes and probiotics to treat these issues.  His fear of new people unfortunately seems worst than it was a year ago when he was here in foster care.  He is never aggressive but he barks and shakes all over around new people. I am going to need a few weeks to let him settle in and see how he does, so he is not yet ready for adoption. He will also be getting his shots updated and heartworm/lyme testing done soon.


3/5/16 – Sadly, after a year in his home Jackson was surrendered to rescue today to find another home.  His Dad has been having major allergy issues that he believes is because of having a dog and he has an illness in his family too that he is dealing with.  More updates soon on Jackson.


3/21/15 - Jackson was adopted!

3/4/15 Jackson has been here with us for a few weeks now and is a LOVE BUG! Hes all boxer! Wiggles, kisses, leaning, boxing while playing with his foster sister Lexi.  He does take a while to warm up to you and trust you but once he warms up he’s FANTASTIC. He has met a few people here and has been good but will bark at people if he’s in the fenced in yard and they are on the other side. He has been good with all the big dogs here so far, but was reported by the shelter he is not good with little dogs or cats. They also reported that Jackson is miss trusting of people in hats and sunglasses.   Jackson has great manners- He listens well, comes when called, sits, lays down, stays- you name it he pretty much does it! He walks very nicely on his rope harness. So smart this boy! He does have a sensitive stomach so he does require a sensitive stomach formula food to keep him regular.  Get your applications in on this boy cause he will not be around for very long!!!!!

2/16/15 Jackson has arrived after his long journey to us up here in Maine- He was a resident at a Massachusetts shelter for the last 3 months. He has done an amazing job at learning a whole bunch of commands while at the shelter and has learned to trust humans more, as he was very shy and under socialized when he arrived with them.   He was very loving but cautious of us when he arrived here, mostly of my husband. He did settle in quickly and give lots of kisses. He listens well to his commands even in a new environment.  He knows sit and down- heel and kennel up. He jumped right into a crate for us no questions asked laid down on a blanky and took a snooze. It was a long trip! The shelter has suggested that he have a very scheduled home and quiet living. It would probably be best if he had a home where there was no little ones running around and causing craziness!  He  is not good with cats or little dogs but has been around a lab at the shelter and done ok on group walks on leash around 5-6 other dogs.  I will update more when we have time to really meet this boy!