State: NY

Age: 7 years

DOB: Unsure

Weight: 65 pounds

Sex: male

Neut/UTD: yes/yes

Coat Color: brindle

Docked tail: Yes

Cropped Ears: No

Children under 4: No 

Children over 4: Yes (8 and up)

Separation Anxiety: No

Other dogs: Yes needs another dog

Cats: Unsure

Crate trained: Yes

House Trained: Yes

Leash Trained: Yes

Obedience Trained: No


1/2/20 - Jack is a wonderful guest!  He is just the sweetest boy!!  He loves to be close to us and as soon as he sees you or you start talking his little nub goes and goes!  He is also very content on the couch or bed as long as your close by.  If you get up he is sure to follow you to see what you’re doing!  He is very good when we leave the house, he doesn't need to be crated.  He just likes to be able to see out the front window so he can watch for us.  He is good about going on walks if he doesn't have to walk in the cold muddy, slush of our back yard!  He is pretty good on a leash, he is always looking back to see if you are there, and will come right over to you if you ask him to.  He doesn't pull for the most part but he can get excited when there are squirrels or other things that look fun to chase.  To go out in the back yard to do his business we usually have to take him out on a leash to encourage him to stay outside long enough to do what he needs to do.  He has had a few accidents in the house, they are always in the kitchen which is a good thing for cleaning purposes.  I am pretty sure this can be corrected with some training on communication so he can tell us when he needs to go out.  He has gone from barely eating to inhaling his food and loving treats and he will now take food out of our hands very gently.  He should definitely be in a home with a confident dog that he can follow around and get all the right cues from, he is a little bit leery of new people but that is also getting better.  He also was terrified of my Godson who is 6 and very hyper so older children that are familiar with dogs is probably best.  He has learned how to sit and is very good about it.  I think now that he is interested in treats it will be easier to train him.  He does need to learn more basic commands, though because he's so good I really haven't pushed it at all.  He is still a bit jumpy with loud noises are loud voices... 

He would love to find a home that he can call his own forever and he deserves it!  

11/30/19-Our wonderful guest Jack (Jack Jack, Bubba, Jackie boy), has really come out of his shell since he arrived, and he is just the sweetest!  He loves to give little kisses, and he will stand in front of you all day and let you rub on his chest and neck!  He walks good on a leash but he has wanted to run after some deer a couple times so you have to be on guard a little bit.  He is just starting to understand that taking treats is OK,  He sees the other dogs getting excited but he needs to sniff it a bit before he eats it.  He has started enjoying food times now and is a good eater.  He doesn't like his crate and we don't ever put him in there anymore because he is such a good boy, he gets a little nervous when someone leaves but settles pretty quickly.  He recently started to drag our clothes...socks, shirt etc out of the bedroom into the living room, but he doesn't damage them, I think he just likes our scent on them. He picked up his first toy yesterday but wasn't sure what to do with it.  He is very interested in the squeaks and does all sorts of head turns trying to figure out what they are!  He discovered that he loves laying on the couch!  He has his favorite spot in the corner, as you can see in his pictures he looks pretty comfy.  In general he is a pretty mellow guy and is content hanging out in the house with you snuggling.  At night he sleeps on the dog bed at the foot of our bed and is content there all night, unless on the rare occasion he may want to go outside then he will come up and nudge you.  The accidents haven't happened in a while, he is picking up our house rules pretty well in the short time he's been here.  He may take a little bit to warm up to people and be sure he can trust them, but that's understandable considering his history.  He has never been even the slightest bit aggressive but he starts pacing sometimes when people come over, usually if they sit on the floor and give him time he will come up to them.  He really likes to follow the dogs around and get ques from them.  He would love to have a confident brother or sister to help him learn the ropes in his new home.  This boy is going to melt your heart.  


11/16/2019 Jack arrived to us last night after a pretty long journey. He was dropped off at a vets office from a puppy mill that no longer needed his services. Most things seem very new and sometimes scary to Jack so we are taking things slow, however he was pretty happy to meet our pups. It did take a little bit for everyone's excitement to die down and Jack had a bit of a hard time relaxing last night but finally calmed in his crate and slept for the rest of the night.

Today he was a bit unsure what he should be doing with his freedom, he was in and out of his crate and pacing back and forth between rooms. He would stop for pets with some wiggles on his travels and there were some naps in there as well. Jack has currently found that he really likes the dog bed in the kitchen and seems to be making himself a bit more comfy. He is very happy to be around the other dogs. I have a 9 year old female Boxer that he likes to follow around to try to learn the ropes. We also have a visiting male Boston Terrier mix that isn't as happy about our new guest, but Jack has ignored any irritation from him and everyone seems to be accepting their place.

Jack has had a couple accidents in the house which is to be expected as I'm sure nobody has explained to him that this isn't acceptable but we will continue to work on it. He has been very good on the leash and doesn't like to be too far from us unless he is trying to figure out what the other dogs are sniffing. He doesn't seem to know any commands currently but I'm hoping when he feels more comfortable we can work on some of the basics. We haven't heard his voice at all yet, he seems to be a pretty quiet guy so far.

His new home will need patients and a soft touch. He is a bit jumpy if we moved to fast, talk to loud or reach over his head. Even new places in the house are scary at this point, especially that basement! Feeding time also gets him a bit nervous, he won't take food or treats from your hand and won't eat if you are to close to his bowl. So far the people that he has met have all been greeted with wiggles and love. We will introduce more people as he gets more comfortable and knows he is safe.

I am very excited that he is with us and is starting to learn how it feels to be loved. I will keep everyone posted as we watch this beautiful soul blossom.