State: Maine
Age: 5 yrs
Dob: April 11, 2011
weight: 57 lbs.
sex: Female
color: white
Neut: yes
UPD: yes
docked tail: yes
cropped ears: no
children over 4: yes
children under 4: yes
Other dogs: yes
cats: yes
separation anxiety: no
leash trained : yes
crate trained: yes
house trained: yes
obedience trained: yes
microchipped: unknown

Adoption fee: $375

6/16/16-The lump that was removed from her leg was not cancerous.  I can't pronounce the name.  For several days she didn't even appear to notice the stitches, but with nerve endings healing, it must have started to itch.  She removed all but one stitch, which was removed at the vet office yesterday.  The wound is open, the edges are healing and though it won't be pretty, it will heal.  In the meantime, I am to dress it at night, with bad tasting vet wrap and I'm using Manuka honey on it as well to aid the healing, which the vet approved. The C-6 test for her Lyme antibodies levels came back pretty good:  her levels are half what they were in January, and those were pretty fair.  She will probably still test positive for Lyme, but we know better because of this test. The vet did put her on antibiotics for a rash on her neck and the open wound on her leg.
6/7/16- This morning I delivered Icey to the vet for the removal of a lump on her lower left leg.  Admittedly a hard place to heal because there is so little flesh and skin.  Hopefully they get good margins and it isn't a mast cell tumor. Poor Icey, she went into her crate at breakfast time and I locked her in.  My 3 were fed and then we all went outside and I cleaned the dog yard.  When we went back into the house, Icey rushed to her crate and looked at me very expectantly!  Poor girl, no food allowed.Needless to say, she was very disappointed.  Dr. Matt removed the lump but doesn't know what it is, so is sending it out for testing.  He will
get back to me on that.  Icey seems to feel fine in spite of the e-collar.

5/5/2016 Icey has joined Sam and Rose when there is a cat to chase in their dog
yard. I discourage it, naturally. However, in the house it is a
totally different situation with the kittens head-butting the dogs,
rubbing against them, etc. and everyone is friendly.
Icey continues to be happy and apparently healthy. She shows no signs
of any illness or discomfort and is a very active and plays with both my
girls, Rose and Phoebe. Their games of chase and race are particularily
lively and funny to watch.
They all had new bones at Easter and now they are "community bones".
There are no conflicts over any of the many bones or toys. Since Rose
and Icey are about the same weight, they often play tug. There never
seems to be a winner, but they end their game through mutual consent.
Icey lives to be petted and cuddled and is a real sweetie.

4/01/2016 - Icey has really gotten into the schedule here, and now even
has to add her "two cents worth". She is really cute doing this.
She sits in the family room waiting for her vittles, and all the while I
am adding yogurt or other stuff to the dishes, quietly "croons" to me
while Rose whines and fusses. If I am the least bit late in feeding,
she doesn't hesitate to join the other dogs in reminding me that I need
to get moving. They all think they are being abused, claim to not have
been fed in weeks, and are really pathetic!
Icey also knows exactly when bedtime is, and demands her bedtime
treats! She also snores, which she has always done, quietly, but
consistently. Icey will be having a birthday very soon and will be all
of 5 years of age, tho' she doesn't act it. She wrestles and plays with
my dogs and does a fair bit of running about. Even tho' the dogs are
allowed on the furniture in the family room, Icey is not a "furniture dog".
She seems to prefer one or another of the comfortable dog beds available.
I like Icey and she has been a visitor here for about a year total,
split by a failed adoption. She really needs her own home and family.
You should really consider this very nice and polite lady.

02/19/16 - I am happy to say that the lovely Icey has finally finished her medication for Lyme disease.  She appears happy
at all times and is pretty much a charmer.
She has been wearing the Ultra-sonic collar to remind her to not bark and it works!!. She hasn't had it on for a couple of
days, and still is barking very little.  The beauty of this collar is that is does not shock, but emits a very high pitched sound that only she
can hear.  And possibly any dog within an eight foot radius.  Nice tool!

12/29/15 - Icey is doing well. She doesn't seem to mind the cold at
all, and goes out with me when I go out after wood,
cleaning the yard, etc. She likes to be with someone most of the time.
Christmas, with 12 extra people in the house I crated her in the back
room. She gets stressed and then spends a
lot of time barking and just being uncomfortable. This was the way to
go. She was not happy to be alone, but settled nicely.
She doesn't mind the kittens at all and actually licked one on the head
this afternoon. They are friends. She does get along well
with all the animals here. She even runs and plays with the little
beagle, but not as much as the beagle would like.
She would do well in a quiet home and I'm sure there is one waiting for her.

11/25/2015 - Icey is doing very well. She is slowly gaining some much
needed weight, which is a slow process because she runs some of it off
playing outside with my dogs. She is no longer showing signs of stress
because my house is less busy than her previous home.
She still barks, some, but usually stops as soon as she is spoken to.
She does not appear to bark when I am gone. She loves her crate and is
always ready to go in to eat, when I leave or to spend the night. It
doesn't matter if it is the wire crate or the plastic type.
Icey is well behaved, walks well on leash, has no problems in the car,
uses the dog door at will and is a pleasure to have around.
There have been absolutely no accidents in the house. Given the chance,
she will counter-surf, thus the crating when I am away. She does enjoy
emptying the toy box and needs help to put stuff away so that I can vacuum.
This is one very nice girl and she is ready for her new home.
How about a new home for Christmas for this deserving girl?

11/13/15- Icey has returned to rescue. Her adoptive home was not a good fit so
she has come back to rescue and her former foster home where she feels
very comfortable.
She is a very well behaved girl and loves spending time laying by the
wood-stove. She is still a very good watchdog, but does bark
inappropriately at time. This is something I am already working on and
she seems to be paying attention. She needs to gain a bit of weight so
I'm working on that as well.
So far, the only problems I've found is that she still needs to be on
Cetrizine hydrochloride daily, and a grain-free diet. She was born with
hip-desplaysia and that will never change. It appears that a portion of
the socket never formed. She does have a limp, but it doesn't hamper
her in any way.
This is one very nice girl.

MORE INFO:  Icey was surrendered by her owner as Icey has bad allergies of unknown origin and was chewing and scratching herself  raw.  Her older owner was unable to do any special skin care (ex: baths, putting on lotions) as she has bad hips, knees and a broken wrist.  She loved her and tried antibiotics, prednisone, enzymes and some special diets.  She did not have her allergy tested and she was not good about being strict on the food restrictions to see if it would help. Her owner said she is a great dog and is good with dogs, cats, parrots, chickens and children of all ages.

2/28/15 Icey was adopted.

02/24/15 -  Icey has finished her antibiotics.  She has not been on
Cetirizine hydrochloride for over a week and today she has started to
show signs of redness again.  Back to the Cetirizine!  I plan on getting
her updated on shots by the weekend.  I think she is ready to be adopted
to the right family as long as they are cognizent of her allergy
problems and are willing to take on her barking problems.  Perhaps a
vibrating collar like we used on Lexi.

02/20/15 - We are making real progress with her skin issues.  The cause
is unknown, but she is healing nicely.  She no longer looks like she has
a severe case of measles.  When she finishes this round of antibiotics,
it is my intention to have her updated on shots so that she can be
adopted.  She still has another full week of meds to go.
I can honestly say that in the last couple of days Icey has finally
stopped the incessant scratching and licking/chewing.  It would wake me
up sometimes in the middle of the night.  Some fur is starting to grow
on her feet where she used to chew a lot.  Some fur may never grow back.
This "lady" is a barker!  Icey would not do well in an apartment or with
close neighbors.  It doesn't matter if I am in the house or not, she is
an alarmist in the first degree!  All for nothing other than her
I am keeping her on the strict grain-free diet and I think it's helping.
The whole time she has been here she has not been wearing a collar
because of the inflamation on her throat, other than going to the vet or
being bathed.  This morning I put a collar on her and we shall see if it
irritates her throat.  Hopefully not.  She looks lovely in bright red!

1/27/15 Icey continues to heal but still has lots of red spots on the inside of
her legs and other tender spots. She was supposed to see Dr. Matt
yesterday, but he is home with a bad cold and Dr. Cote was the only vet
available, and over-scheduled!
Icey is now on a different antibiotic because Dr. Cote felt a change was
in order and it might be more effective. I'm sure the feeling was that
her body was getting too used to the other antibiotic. She has an
appointment for next week. Everything that was done yesterday was over
the phone, other than my picking up her script.
Icey now "speaks" for her food.

1/14/15 Icey seems to be doing pretty well. The antibiotics are doing the job
with the skin infection and so is the medicated bathing. She is still
periodically scratching or chewing her feet, but not nearly as much as
when she first came.
She gets along well with my pack and the cats. She does do a bit of
barking, but I don't think it is when I am away from the house. Just
when I am outside working and she can't get to me. She is a good watchdog.
Icey has been sleeping upstairs in the bedrroom with my dogs and sleeps
all night.
She is on a grain-free diet and I think that is helping to reduce her
itching problems. I am very strict on what the dogs get for treats as
well as food. Absolutely no extras!

12/26/14  Icey arrived at the Log Cabin late Sunday night. She was very well
behaved on her trip to Maine and soon explored the dog yard under the
Since then she has had a vet trip and medicated shampoo and seems much
more comfortable. She has learned to come in through the dog door, but
has not yet gone out through on her own. She has discovered the toy box
and got out an old bone to chew on. She is really making herself at home.
She is eating well, sleeps through the night and is a nice girl to have
around. With all the activity Christmas afternoon, all the dogs were
crated and she dealt well with that, most of the time.
She is usually willing to go outside, and has spent time alone outside
this morning. She also enjoys a nap by the wood-stove.