State: New Hampshire
Age: 8 yrs old
Dob (if known)
weight: 85 lbs.
sex: Male
color: fawn
Neut/upd: Yes/Not sure
docked tail: Yes
cropped ears: No
children over 4: not sure
children under 4: not sure
Other dogs: lives with another dog
cats: not sure
separation anxiety: No
leash trained: Yes pretty much
crate trained: Doesn't need one
house trained: Yes
obedience trained: Yes basic commands
Microchipped: Not Sure
Adoption fee: Waived
8/31/15- Hershey is a handsome boy. He is a bit shy and has not adjusted to his new surroundings as yet. He loves to play in the yard and he was good sleeping thru the night. He loves to check everything out in the yard and make sure things are good. He is affectionate but not all over you. He is happy to be with his partner in crime, Kasey who is the other half of this bonded pair.
They are a nice pair of dogs and have been well cared for. Their owner had to give up her apartment to care for a relative, so Hershey and Kasey will find another loving home thru SCBR. Please consider these two wacky Boxers!