State: Maine 
Age: 9 Years  
Dob: 2006
weight: 42 pounds (Needs to gain weight)
sex: Female
color: Fawn    
Neut: yes
UTD: yes

Docked tail: yes
cropped ears: no
children over 4: yes
children under 4: not sure
Other dogs: yes(Older ones)
cats: yes
separation anxiety: no
leash trained : yes
crate trained: Mostly
house trained: Unsure due to medical problems
obedience trained: some
microchipped: unknown

adoption fee waived and obed requirement waived

10/27/15 Haley made it through her surgery like a star! She is still having some problems with bladder infections but she is putting weight back on and looking healthier. She has more spunk and spirit than she did when she first arrived to us and actually has tried to play with a few dogs lately! She is now eating a home cooked diet, pretty easy to make, that will keep her from recreating stones. She is a super cuddler! She will do anything to just lay on a couch with you. Haley would do best in a home that had someone around a lot not only due to her bladder issues but also because she REALLY loves to be with her humans! She is a great girl!  

9/30/15 Haley has been with us for a few days! She is a sweet little girl! So friendly and loves to cuddle. She has really good manners, comes when you ask her to and listens quiet well. She is a young 9 years old! She is not fond of wild and crazy dogs but she does very well with mild mannered older dogs like herself. She met our cat and sniffed him all over and seemed to like him just fine! She does have a bladder issue and is scheduled to have surgery to remove some bladder stones! The vet is saying that with some special food she should be good to go after the surgery! She is looking for a forever home after her surgical recovery! After her surgery next week I will update her recovery!