State:  Central NY
Age: 9 years
DOB: 5/6/07
Weight: Unsure
Sex: Male
Neut/UPD:  Yes/Yes
Coat Color:  Fawn
Docked Tail: Yes
Cropped Ears: No
Children under 4: unsure
Children over 4: yes

Separation Anxiety: No

Other Dogs: Yes (no small dogs)
Cats: No
Crate Trained: Yes
House Trained: Yes
Obedience Trained; Some

Leash trained:Yes

Adoption fee: $100

12/4/2016 Finley has completely charmed everyone (humans and canine) in his new foster home. This gentle giant is so calm and quiet you might forget he's there, but he doesn't let us forget him because he is either leaning against one of us or gently resting a paw on us.  In the week that we've had him we have only heard him bark once, when he was on his after-dinner walk and a loud car passed by!  He is a big sweetie, ready to make his forever family so happy. 

11/23/2016  Finley is a joy. So well behaved even Aunt Pat (77years old), who  doesn't like dogs all that much says she likes him. He is so gentle she is not afraid he might knock her down. He would be a keeper. That's a first for her.

  He loves everyone and would like to be petted by everyone he sees on our walks, but is respectful if they do not want to pet him.  He has met everyone from little boys and girls to old men and women and was good with them all. He loves to hear he is cute and often does a cute puppy dance when you say it. .

11/6/16- Finn is doing great. He has been getting 2 good walks per day
around 7 am and 5 pm. He is the most easy going Boxer i have met and
if he did not get a good health check I would assume something was
wrong with him. He is very calm and not boisterous at all. Never barks
unless an unknown visitor surprises us at the door.  He has chosen mom
for his person at the house but this may be due to the fact that I am
working 7 days most weeks since he has been here. On the plus side of
that he has shown to be manageable for her and is her favorite of all
the dogs we have had period. Finn is almost always within in of arms
reach of mom and often stands just close enough to have his hip or
side touching her whether sitting or standing. Finn has not been
allowed on the furniture but I am sure would like to be up snuggling
with her and has been a good boy.

11/1/16-Finley got his neuter today and is back home recovering. He
has one heck of a cough from the breathing tube. I was a little
worried as he is a snoring boxer and raspy a bit already. He had his
ears cleaned also as they were pretty funky and stunk horribly. Vet
hopes the cough will recover within a week and Finley hopes we will
feed him as soon as possible, but he has to wait till tomorrow to get
his softened food.

 10/15/16 Finley has arrived had a bath a walk and some food. We did not get any information on what food he was eating so we just used a little we had left over from Jake for tonight. We will need to go and get him some kibble in the AM as we only have a small sample bag here now.  Finley is at the moment jest resting quietly by my side while I am typing this. I will soon contact the vet for his checkup and neuter. Finley shows recognition of his name and will sit and shake paws. A big thank you to everyone that helped to get him to his foster home.