State: Maine                                      Other dogs: yes

Age: 5 years                                      Cats: unsure

DOB: 11/14/2008                              Separation Anxiety: no

Weight 71#                                        Leashed trained: some

Sex: female                                        Crate trained: yes 

Coat color: fawn                                House trained: yes

Neut/UTD: yes/yes                            Obedience Trained: some

Docked tail: yes                                 Microchipped: unsure

Cropped ears: no                                Adoption fee: $375

Children over 4: 10 & up

Children under 4: no

How to adopt

STATE: MAINE                            
AGE: 6years                               
DOB 11/14/2008                         
WEIGHT 71 lbs                             

SEX: FEMALE                              
COAT COLOR : FAWN                   

NEUT/UTD: YES/YES                   
DOCKED TAIL: YES                                         

CHILDREN OVER 4: teens & up










Eva has been here WAY to long! She is such a nice girl and deserves a forever home! I am not sure why she hasn’t found one yet!  She is cuddly, loving and fun! Eva is good with dogs and cats and teenage kids. She is nervous at first in a new home but she settles in within a few days which is rather common for most dogs in a new environment. Once she learns the ropes she is perfect!  She is just the happiest bouncing boxer and nothing gets her down! Eva is crate trained, basic obedience trained,  house broken, and leash trained. She can be active or laid back. She just goes with the flow! A serious perfect catch! Wont you consider giving this girl a home for the holidays! She really deserves it as she is amazing!

8/27/14- Miss Eva continues to be a perfect girl! She is a peppy little one and loves to run and play! She would make a great partner for someone who likes to play ball or maybe just go for a long walk at night! She is crate trained, house broken, and mature. She is a superb catch! Eva is also great with cats! She loves other dogs and would do great at doggie daycare, a dog park or a multi dog household. She even shares her dinner bowl! She isn’t one of your scrawny boxers either (Sorry you skinny guys!) she is a nice big boned girl! She can tumble and toss with the biggest of labs or the smallest of terriers! She really almost downright perfect! She is going to make some family very happy. She is just waiting for them to find her! Get your applications in on this girl cause she is awesome!
7/7/14 Eva is still looking for her forever home! She is a great dog that LOVES to play and loves attention. She was however abused by small children at a young age and is best if she goes to a home with teens and up.  She does sometimes jump up and she does get a little nervous in new situations and would be best if a small one was not around. She loves adults and teens and dogs! She is also big on her food now. She loves to eat! But we are making sure she keeps her shapely figure by letting her play with her friends every day!  Wont you open your home to this special girl! She is really a gem!

5/9/14- Eva has really blossomed with us lately! She is a happy girl and loves everyone. She especially loves her foster brother Rocky. They are two peas in a pod! She loves to play ball and run and play! She is a spunky girl for her age and is looking for an active family that can keep up with her. She is just a delight to have! She does like to chased the lawn mower but is good with the dogs and cats she has met so far! She is also pretty good with our horses and chickens! She is so much fun to have around! We will be sad to see her go but someone is going to be SO lucky t have her!!! Get your applications in cause this girl is A-MAZING!

4/4/14- Eva had a pretty good day today! She is settling in better every day! She still gets nervous when we put her in a new situation but with some talking to and time she gets used to it and settles down. She is polite and knows her manners. She sits and lays down. She doesn’t jump up unless you invite her and she LOVES to play fetch with a tennis ball! She will drop the ball right in your hand and run off to get it again! She will jump around with you and run with you with her butt all a wiggles. Eva met my old 11 year old boxer mix girl today and they had a rather unproductive meeting. My old girl isn’t much for playing these days with her bad knees. Her and Eva just looked at each other and went on their way after a few sniffs. Hung out in the same room for about 20-30 minutes and didn’t have any issues. We are going to get her introduced to my bouncy rude young boys around the house tomorrow or Sunday and see how that goes! Eva is a great little girl and she is going to make a family very happy! Get your applications in cause this girl is ready to move and cruise.
4/2/14-Eva has been here for a  few days now and is starting to settle in. She was VERY nervous at first and it took her a few days to really start eating. Now she is eating a healthy portion and getting a little wiggle in her step! She is a good girl and wants to listen to you and make you happy. She loves butt scratches and she does the boxer lean! Her nails were a bit long when she got here so I cut them and she was great about it, even with her nervousness.  She has in the past been a little bossy with other dogs so for now she has been staying separate from the group to not add on any stress. I will update more once I get to know this girl better!