State:  Western New York
Age: 9 years
Dob: unsure
weight:  50 lbs
sex:  Male
color: Brindle
Spay/Neutered: yes
UTD: soon
Docked tail:  yes
cropped ears: no
children over 4: Yes
children under 4: Yes
Other dogs: yes
cats:  Yes
separation anxiety: No
leash trained : Yes
crate trained: Yes
house trained: Yes
adoption fee: waived senior dog

5/2/16- I have now had Diesel for 4 weeks! he is such a sweet boy!! seems to still be adjusting to being surrendered, but starting to get his boxer wiggle!! he is such a well behaved boy!
 The only thing that needs to be watched is that he thinks all toys (whether his or my dogs) belong to him and he doesn't like to share. my dogs are used to playing with tug ropes and other toys they can both hold on to, but Diesel doesn't like to play like that he will immediately turn on the other dog. the good thing is that the problem can be readily solved and everyone is buddy-buddy again!
Again he loves children, playing ball, and riding in the car! I highly recommend he be with a family!

4/18/16 Our second week with Diesel has been awesome! He is such a good boy! He is crate trained, although he isn't impressed when he has to go in there! He lets you know when he has to go out! He loves to go for walks. He gets along wonderfully with my two. Its hard to believe he is going to be 10yrs old in Nov.  
He has 2 little issues we are working on. They have not created any serious problems and the situation is easily corrected. He didn't like it when my girl took his toy, although he doesn't really play with it! The other thing is he takes his treat to his bed, but doesn't always eat it ( think he's saving it for later). My girl went to get it and he went after her. Of course, she retaliated both time, but it has not happened since. My feeling is, he realized she just wanted to play because they play together with my dogs toys. Could be because that toy was his security blanket since he had just been through being surrendered.
He is a good watch dog! He gives people the once over when they come, but seems to readily accept them into my home.
As a final note, Diesel  went for his vet check and passed with flying colors!!!

4/11/16- I got my foster boy on April 4, 2016. He was very friendly.  Now that he has been here for a week things have changed a little. He is a wonderful and easy care boy but seems so sad. He sits by the patio door looking all the time. He doesnt seem to have that happy Boxer personality.
Now on a positive note, he gets along wonderfully with my 2 boxers. No problems with food aggression. He loves going for walks and is so curious about things when he is out. I had my grandsons for the weekend and one thing is for sure, he loved them!! He stayed by their side all the time. He slept beside them on the couch when they were playing games and slept with my youngest grandson all night. Got up in the morning to go out and then back upstairs to sleep with my other grandson! Diesel definitely loved being with the boys!!! Also he is a good watch dog My 2 are hard of hearing so they miss alot. He lets me know everything!! lol 

4/5/16-Diesel was surrendered to rescue yesterday morning due to no fault of his own. He is friendly and well cared for. Diesel lived with a female boxer that the owners rehomed themselves. Diesels owners had to move in with their parents who already had dogs. Their dogs did not like Diesel or his sister so they were forced to stay in a heated garage. Diesels owner knew that this was not in their best interest and made the decision to rehome him.
Now for the fabulous Diesel, this guy is a gorgeous little Brindle boy who weighs about 50 pounds. I went to his foster home to help with introductions with the resident boxers. He met Zoe and Bruno and introductions went off without a hitch. Heck at one point Diesel was even giving Bruno some little kisses.
Diesel met 2 of the cats in his foster and was very well behaved. He sniffed/checked out the kitties but when one gave him a little grump he backed away was a bit scared. It was quite a sight to see him back away from a little cat. Diesel's foster mom will update as she gets to know him.