State: Central NY
Age: 9
DOB: Unknown
Weight: 58#
Sex: Female
Neut/UPD: Yes/Yes
Coat Color: Brindle
Docked Tail: Yes
Cropped Ears: No
Children under 4:Yes
Children over 4: Yes
Separation Anxiety: No
Other Dogs: Yes
Cats: Yes
Crate Trained: No
House Trained: Yes
Leash Trained; Yes
Obedience Trained: Unknown
Micro-chipped: Yes
Adoption Fee:WAIVED


Demi continues to get more comfortable and has really let her personality show.   She will come over and paw at us for attention and make growling noises if she wants more rubs, treats or a walk.  This happens multiple times a night! 
   She continues to surprise us with her energy level.  We take her and our 5 yr old Boxer to the golf course nightly to run and she is twice as fast as he is.  We try to not let her push it so she doesn't put undo strain on herself or heart.  She's started to really enjoy chewing bones and playing with them.  She's not crazy about the bath but didn't try to get out of it.  We would highly recommend a home with another dog and kids (that like dogs) as she loves them so much.  She is also quite spoiled with either wet food or meat mixed into her dry food.   

 9/27/16 – Demi continues to be our little sunshine. 

She has a calming effect on our other boxer and is always very happy when our son is around.  For being a senior, she is energetic and needs exercise. She loves to run and play on the golf course with our dog and neighbor’s dog.  She also loves meal time and dances around for her breakfast and dinner!


Relating to her teeth, we are still working on getting her comfortable with doggie tooth paste, haven’t worked up to the brush yet so I use my finger.  It is helping but if I miss a day, her breath is very stinky. She has started waking in the night with heavy panting.  She has an appointment to see the vet to get her heart and mouth checked out asap.  More updates soon.

 9/15/16-Demi continues to settle in at her foster home.  She really likes being on a schedule where she knows when she is going to eat and when it's time for walks.  She has a great temperament and is so sweet.  She does try to sneak on the furniture but will get down when told.  Because her teeth aren't in good shape her breath is quite stinky.  I've been giving her things to chew along with starting to acclimate her to doggie tooth paste, hoping to eventually have her comfortable enough to let me brush them.  She continues to pant a lot which is in line with the shelter recommending she eventually have an EKG to check for cardiomyopathy. 

9/8/16: Demi been here at her foster home for several days now and is starting to settle in.  She is very shy and can be skittish still. Demi is very sweet and loves going on walks.  She likes meal time and reminds us if we are late! Demi does drool a lot which is to be expected as she had to have a number of teeth removed.  Demi pants quite a bit when coming up a few stairs or just laying down. 

9/316-Demi came to us today from a great shelter who contacted us. 
She was bought as a puppy and lived with kids of all ages and said to love children.  She was
given up due to lifestyle changes.  She passed the cat and dog tests
at the shelter with flying colors and everyone loved her there. 
She had several bad teeth so the shelter did dental work on her, pulling several
of them.  

Here is an update from her foster home:  We had a great day.  After a few hours of sniffing through the gate we introduced Demi to Max (adopted from SCBR in 2012) and they did great!  
Demi is such a sweetheart.  She immediately took to my husband and 3 year old son.  Even snuck up on the couch to nap with him. 
 When my son woke up from his nap she was so happy to see him and insisted on sleeping in his room when he went to bed.  We went to the park 
and she had a great time walking and checking everything out with her sidekick Max.  She is pretty skittish right now but it's to be expected after spending almost a month 
in the shelter after losing her family.  I don't know how any one could have given her up.