State: CT
Age: 9
DOB: 04-19-07
Weight: 79.0
Sex: male
Neut/UPD: yes/yes
Coat Color: black and white
Docked Tail: yes
Cropped Ears: natural
Children under 4:unknown
Children over 4:unknown
Separation Anxiety:no
Other Dogs:yes
Crate Trained:yes
House Trained:yes
Leash Trained;yes
Obedience Trained:unknown
Adoption Fee:Senior waived


Well I have nothing but great things to say about Buster, what a total doll he is to foster.  He loves people, and as it turns out, he likes to talk to everyone who stops by to visit.  He greets everyone like they have come just to see him, his butt wiggles and he actually talks to them.  How very sociable is that.  He has manners that would make you very proud of him.  He doesn't beg, he doesn't think he should always be first going out the door or the first to greet people, and he loves to go for rides in the car.  Buster is very sociable with my dogs, in fact he was intergrated into the pack within 4 hours of being in his foster home.  I have a bossy female Boston Terrier and a small male black Boxer who is very timid and he mixed in like it was no issue what so ever. 


With me, he was a little more cautious, as he would watch me and come up to me, but he also studied me with quiet reserve.  Not timid, but reserved, and that to me is much different.  I do think he misses his brother, and I have a feeling that he sometimes looks for him, but he is adjusting.  Having comunicated with his sibling (Buddha) foster home, he seems to have many of the very same qualities that Buster does.  They are both looking to give lots of love to a new family, and they are both very, very handsome boys with really great manners, who would make a perfect addition to a family. 


Buster also know sit, stay and go lay down in your bed, there is so much more to tell, but we are going to wait a few more days for that.....let's face it, he is worth waiting a few moments to hear more.


8/14/2016 Buster just arrived at his foster home and he is one very,very handsome boy.  He's black with flashy white face,neck,chester and feet.  He's a friendly, relaxed boy and we'd like you all to stay tuned to as we learn more about him and his brother Buddha.

They are a senior pair that we would like to see stay together as they are litter mates as well.

So check back with us in a few days as we get to know these boys better.