State:  Western NY
Age:    5 years
DOB:  04/16/2013
Weight:  55 lbs
Sex:  Male
Spayed/UTD: Yes/Yes
Coat Color:  Fawn
Docked Tail:  Yes
Cropped Ears:  No
Children under 4:  No (no history)
Children over 4: Yes
Separation Anxiety:  No
Other Dogs:  No
Cats: No
Crate Trained:  Yes
House Trained: yes
Leash Trained: yes
Obedience Trained:  No
Adoption Fee:  $375

9/7/18- Buddy has calmed down quite well, he is like a different dog. We can talk to him without his getting all wound up.  Sometimes he doesn't even lift his head in response,  The first week would have started him running around with a toy and wanting to play and getting more excited by the minute.  The squeaky tennis ball has been the favorite. He likes to get petted and will just lay there or lean into you and soak it up. That was not the case at first. Yesterday he was so relaxed his muscles were like mush. We are starting to see the real Buddy.


When outside if a squirrel or rabbit is in the yard he gets animated and runs around the yard barking. But even then he stops after a few trips around the yard. And it is not hard to get him to go inside to curb the excitement. He also barks at strangers outside but will come in to calm him down.


He has been sleeping with me and in the dog chair (his favorite spot) depending on his mood. The crate is up but he has not gone in there often except to get a toy. The last few days he has laid down in there a few times for several minutes. 

8/27/18-Here is the background info on Buddy.  He was an owner surrender to a local shelter due to divorce and they didn’t have enough time for him now. He didn’t live with any other pets or kids but is said to not like cats and is afraid of other dogs.  The shelter had him a month but he was stressed out there. He is said to be great with people and kids but since no history of living with kids under 4 we would not place him with younger kids.  Aldo he’ll need a home without other dogs since he is not thrilled with them and is selective about ones he meets. 
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