State: MA
Age: 9 years
Dob (if known) 4/19/07
weight: 82 lbs
sex: Male
color: Dark Brindle w/Flash
Neut/upd: Yes/Yes
docked tail: Yes
cropped ears: No
children over 4: yes

children under 4: unknown
Other dogs: Yes

cats: Yes

separation anxiety: No
leash trained: Yes

Crate trained: yes
house trained: yes
obedience trained: yes
microchipped: unknown

Adoption Fee: Waived for Senior Dog

8/22/16 Buddha has settled into his foster home and has come out of his shell.  He has a wonderful wiggle butt and likes to “talk” to us.  We carry on quite lengthy discussions.  He is eating well and behaving appropriately around all household members (including my other boxers).    When left outside in the kennel he will call to us with a soft whine that terminates in a gentle howl…….it is so comical.   He is always underfoot unless he is napping.  He’s right by my side as I type, tail wiggling, hoping I will be paying attention to him soon!  I’ll close for now, time for an ear rub.  Here Buddha Boy……………

8/16/16 Buddha has arrived at his foster home. Buddha is a giant teddy bear with impeccable manners and a quiet demeanor. We'd like you all to stay tuned to as we learn more about him and his brother Buster. ?They are a senior pair that we would like to see stay together as they are litter mates as well. ?So check back with us in a few days as we get to know these boys better.