STATE: Western New York
AGE: 16 weeks
DOB:  11/9/15
WEIGHT:  29 lbs
SEX: male
NEUT/UTD: no/yes
COAT COLOR: fawn & white w/darker face
CHILDREN under 4: Yes
CATS:  Yes
ADOPTION FEE: $425 (includes refundable $50 spay/neuter deposit)

**Because I am a baby I need a home with someone home more often (ex: work at home, retired, work opposite shifts, stay at home parent, etc) **

More info: The puppies’ mom is Blanca and she appears to be mostly boxer, if not just a poorly bred one.  Dad is unknown and they will be 8 weeks old on January 4th and can go home then. 

2/25/16-Brutus took his first trip to Petsmart last night with his foster
sister Paisley. He was such a good boy loved all the attention he got. One
large black dog started barking at him and Paisley. Bru being a tough guy
barked back as did Paisley to protect Bru. We headed the other way to
alleviate any problems. Down the next aisle some dummy not paying attention
let her dog enter the aisle while she was lagging behind. This scared
Paisley and Brutus. Brutus started screaming/yelping like he was attacked.
He was about 7 feet from the strange dog, Paisley was the one who was bum
rushed. Guess he's not really a tough guy! Here he is shopping for his new dog bed. We will take Olive on her adventure this weekend.

2/24/16-Brutus is such an awesome little pup. He is growing so fast. He is
so easy going and sometimes down right lazy. This pup loves to nap! On our
lap, by the heat vent, with our boxer, all on his own. He is not a dog that
is afraid he is going to miss something, once he is tired he is tired. He is
known to sleep so soundly he rolls off my lap! He also does a HUGE stretch
every time he wakes up (think of the downward dog yoga pose). It cracks me
up every time. He does do his fair share of playing too. He loves the other
dogs and he likes to try to clean their ears, faces etc. He is such a sweet
boy. Brutus loves all the humans he meets as well. Brutus is very treat
motivated so training will be a breeze. Brutus is more than ready for his
own special family.

1/18/2016 Brutus is a great little pup. Housebreaking is a work in progress but we are definitely seeing improvement. He immediately goes potty when taken outside so that's a good thing as many pups get sidetracked and don't get right down to business. In warmer weather he LOVES running outside in the fenced yard. Unfortunately there's not many warm days this time of year. One of his favorite spots is in front of the heat vent. He is very quiet in his crate and generally unless he is roughhousing with Olive we don't hear a peep out of him. He loves chewing his toys (nylabones especially) and does a pretty good job keeping himself occupied if he is not running around with the other dogs or napping. Pictures do not even begin to do him justice, he is a gorgeous pup with beautiful green eyes. My husband calls him "Pretty Boy" or "Pretty Boy Floyd". He is a very good natured puppy. I'm pretty surprised he is still here!

1/2/16 Brutus is doing well with the paper training too. He loves to play tug with his sister Olive and brother Popeye. They are just playful puppies. All puppies are learning back and sit. They know if they want the food they can not whine or I will not give it to them. They are responding very well.

12/22/15-Brutus is 11 pounds and had his deworming and puppy shots. Learning paper training gets it right most of the time

12/6/15 BRUTUS  is a lovable boy. He likes to explore and play with his siblings alot. He plays with the kittens and loves to snuggle with you.