AGE : 8 years
DOB. : Unk
SEX. : Male
NEUT/UTD: yes/yes
COAT COLOR: Fawn/white
ADOPTION FEE: Waived-Sr. dog

Here is some more info on Booma:  He was abandoned by a sick family member

about a year ago.  In the house he was at, now there were 3 kids ages 4-16 and 3 cats, with another baby on the way.  They said he was great with the kids
and cats and slept with youngest cat every night.  Dog down the street comes 
over to play and hang out for the day quite often. They said he will be so 
happy in a home with kids and another dog. A busy household is what he is 
used to. They felt they were just now unable to give him the time and attention that he truly deserves.

8/28/14 - Booma's neuter went well today so now he is cleared to be adopted!

8/26/14 It is said that a cat has nine lives. True or not, no one has yet to make such predictions about dogs, but Booma has certainly had more than his fair share of major changes and setbacks in the past few months.
He lost his family, and was placed into foster care. It was discovered he had heartworm. He breezed through his treatments, and is about to be neutered. He will then be ready for his final journey, into a permanent home.
During his stay with us, he has proved himself a fine guest. For a supposedly 'mature' boy, his energy level and love of play rivals that of any younger dog. He is tolerant and respectful of other dogs. He ignores the resident cats. While he is very attached to us, particularly the man of the house, each visitor is a friend.
He loves to catch and fetch any ball, and if he is alone, he just throws it about himself.
He does favor a particular couch, and he has shown a stubborn streak when our ideas of where he can relax differ.
All in all, he has been an easy and pleasant companion, and I know he will become just that in his forever home.

8/19/14 Having finished his heartworm treatments, Booma really never looked back. His recovery, if that is the definition, has consisted of our mainly trying to rein in his zest and exuberant energy.
Everything around him gives him pleasure. Everyone is a friend. He loves to interact with his people, but is just as happy batting and catching a ball by himself. Car rides, check. Walks, tug of war, belly rubs, check check check!
When all is quiet, he settles in with a deep sigh, and calls it a day.
He does have a stubborn streak, and needs someone just as stubborn.
All in all, his happy nature and playful personality make him an outstanding companion
8/9/14- Booma sailed through his first heartworm treatment with flying
colors, never looking back.  In fact, the hardest part of this journey has
been trying to keep him quiet!
Maybe it is the same adage for dogs as it is for people; a positive attitude
is so important when facing a possibly debilitating illness.  Booma has
remained cheerful, playful, happy, and more than upbeat!
He takes pleasure in everything around him, food, sun, walks, and especially
affection.  (With car rides right up there on the list as well!)
Booma's future looks bright, and when he is cleared medically, looks forward
to sharing his cheerful nature in a forever home.

7/7/14 Booma is a dog whose loyalty to and love of his family are clearly the focus of his life. The strain of this separation on him has been apparent these past couple of days.

Having said that, he has adjusted amazingly well to the patterns of this foster home, cheerfully greeting all as friends, happiest when someone is near.
He is a laid back, fairly low key boy, whose preference for contact and closeness supersedes his desire for play.
As he settles in, he will show us more, and these updates will be his guide to finding a loving home.