State:  Western New York
Age: about 5 years
Dob: unknown
weight:  64 lbs
sex:  Female
color: White
Spay/Neutered:  soon/yes
Docked tail:  no 
cropped ears: no
children over 4: Yes
children under 4: Yes
Other dogs: unsure
cats:  Yes
separation anxiety: No
leash trained : Yes
crate trained: Yes
house trained: Yes
adoption fee: $375
3/31/2016 Blanca is doing really well. She loves to take walks and is real good on a leash. She has a couple corks. After coming in after bathroom every morning she will lay on her back and rub it on the floor moaning. It is so funny to see. The cats look at her like she is crazy. She plays with my one cat and actually cleans him. They are like buddies sleep together at times and he chases her tail and blanca just looks at him.  She has a way of communicating with you sometimes it does bother me but, I have figured it out. When she needs to go out she does not go to the door, She starts to pant some. I take her out then she is usually fine. She does go in the cage when I leave but, it really is not her favorite thing in the world.  She also is not crazy about storms. They make her a little nervous. I do not know if it is because I have metal roofing that it bothers her hearing the wind and rain. Snow does not seem to bother her. Blanca is going to be a great addition to any ones home. She is very calm when people come she just wants to be petted. My grand children are here every week end and she is just so lovable and calm with them. My one grand daughter is an animal lover and is always hugging Blanca. They are little so she is good around children under 5.

2/23/16- Here is some more info on Blanca’s background.  She was a stray with unknown history pulled from a shelter by a rescuer on 11/9 when she was in the middle of giving birth to 4 puppies. She appears to be mostly boxer, if not just a poorly bred one.  Dad of the pups is unknown.  The other rescue said she was very gentle and sweet and easily let people handle her newborn pups at the time. Unfortunately she was heartworm positive and will take several more weeks of treatment before she can be spayed and be ready to get adopted.
2/2/16-Blanca is doing so much better today after her heartworm treatment yesterday.  I was a little worried the first 4 hours yesterday as she would not lay down at all like she was so uncomfortable even after she had the benadryl and pain medicine. But by 2pm she was not panting anymore and the cage made it worst so I just let her lay on my bed. She woke up today and she is not acting sore or in pain so I did not give her any pain meds.
2/1/16-Blanca’s remaining pups moved to another foster home so she could have start her heartworm treatment with less stress. She had her first Heartworm treatment this morning. She is very uncomfortable and whinning alot. She seems like she can not get comfortable and keeps moving around and looking at me with her pitiful eyes. I really hope she will be able to rest a little bit and calm down.  

1/2/16-Mama is nursing less. I am been trying to keep her away as much as possible and she really only wants to go in with them at night to nurse just once. She is no longer sleeping with the pups. She sleeps with me in my room on the floor. It was just easier at this time because of the cage situation. The puppies have out grown the small and the medium cage is real tight. So they are in the big cage. Blanca ought of a sudden does not like the cage. She broke it and we had to zip tie it.  She is ok in it short term if i go to store or appointments. She also is not found of rain or hail storms. I have a metal roof so she hears it and gets very nervous and wants to just be with me. She is a sweet dog. She is never aggressive I have only heard her bark  twice. She will be a good dog for any new family.

12/6/15 Blanca has been with me since Monday. She is a sweet boxer girl. Even though she does not know commands like sit or stay she is very well behaved. She loves her belly rubbed and is excellent with children. I have not hear her bark once. She will let anyone come into the house she is so calm. My Mom came I was in the bathroom and I came out and she was sitting with my mom like she knew her for years. She does not jump she will walk slowly up to you and stand. She is great with my grand daughter who is only 2 years old. She lets my grand daughter pet her and the pups with no care in the world. She is not food aggressive I can take the bowl away and if Grand daughter walks over there while she is eating she does not make a sound. I walk her on the leash she is a well mannered dog. She does not pull, walks beside you or behind never in front. My children and I are having a great time with her.