State: MA                          Other dogs: Best as only dog
Age: 5 1/2  years               Cats: no
DOB: 12/08                       Leash Trained: No

Weight: 63 lbs                     Crate Trained: Yes
Sex: Female                       House Trained: Yes
Color: Fawn                       Obedience Trained: No
Neut/UTD: Yes/Yes          Microchipped: No 
Docked tail: Yes                Adoption fee: $375
Cropped ears: No
Children over 4: Teens and up
Children under 4: No

6/23/2014.  Hi Again!!  It’s still me AJ.   I have some news for prospective adopters (I hope that means YOU!).  I am now fully crate trained, no problem.  But on the downside, I have been tested with a CAT and I did not do so well (as far the humans were concerned).  I would have chased that little devil and made his life miserable!  So please; no cats!  OH, you’re not a cat fan either?  Then I’m the girl for you!!  I am really a very nice and well behaved boxer and would love to find my forever home soon.  Boxer kisses, AJ

4/6/2014-  Hi All!  I had some free time to write a little update about myself tonight.  Sadly, I must confess that I have been in a couple of scuffles with the other boxers here.  One time I fought with Bowie over a toy and then this past week I fought with 15 year old Wilbur over a dish of water!!  Wilbur was at the dish first; I bulled my way in and did not respect the little growl he gave me; and it was on!!  Water all over the place but no one was hurt.  I’m having a little trouble learning my place in the pack…..I want to be boss and it is not being tolerated by Wilbur or Foster Mom and Dad.   If I were the only dog in a home I could really strut my stuff; but would still need a steady Pack Leader to keep me in my place.  Most of the time I am sweet and good natured.  I just love to cuddle and I enjoy singing and talking to Foster Mom and Dad.  I am hoping someone calls about me soon and I can go for another exciting car ride to my new forever home!  Boxer kisses, AJ

3/16/14-Hi everyone!  My name is AJ and I am here in my Foster Home waiting to be adopted by a wonderful person or persons.  I am a beautiful girl, tall and strong.  I sing and talk to you and I love to cuddle.  I do need some obedience training; I’m very strong and pull on the leash.  And Foster Mom says my table manners leave something to be desired……..I have a tendency to spread my kibble all over the place when I eat!  I get along great with other dogs as long as there is no food or toys available to squabble over……I tend to want to be boss and Foster Mom and Dad are working on showing me who the pack leaders really are  (and it’s them!!)  Well….yawn…..I feel a nap coming on.  Talk to you later.  Boxer kisses, AJ.