AGE: 1 1/2 yrs
WEIGHT: 55 lbs
SEX: Female
CHILDREN under 4: No
CHILDREN OVER 4: teens & up only
CATS: Unsure
UPDATE 9/12/10 - Wow, It's been 5 years already that Mindi (AKA Indi) has been with us. I wish
you could see the difference in her. She stands up tall, has become very playful and we know Bayboo
has played the biggest role in Mindi's self confidence.
When Mindi gets excited she has this great little "dance" that she does. She will enter a room and she is
running toward you with her paws going left to right and right to left as she moves along. She has the
most expressive eyes, she can look up at you and you just want to hug her.
Bayboo is still the protective "sister", when they go out at night time, Bayboo will wait for Mindi, and if
she doesn't come, Bayboo will go get her.And waits at the door outside for Mindi to come in.
We had guests last weekend at the cottage and a male chocolate lab (4 1/2 months old) came along.
Bayboo was very protective of her home and Mindi. With in 20 minutes, Bayboo had him laying down
when she entered the room, Mindi is not into a lot of play, but she seemed to enjoy the company.
If he started trying to play with Mindi, Bayboo would make sure he was distracted and the Mindi was
in a safe space.
December will be Bayboo's 5 year with us.

UPDATE 1/11/09 - The "girls" had a great holiday. Mindi really never had played with a toy, and she
and Bayboo received a couple of rope toys and balls from a friend of ours. When I got home from
work I placed the balls on the floor in the living room and Mindi actually pushed on around with her
nose. The I took the two rope toys and gave each of the girls a toy. My expectations for Mindi didn't
exist, but Bayboo was tossing her'e around. All of a sudden I hear Mindi chewing on her's, the she
started tossing it and at one point she threw it in the air and it landed behing the couch, she looked at
me as to say, "what do I do now??". I go it for her and she played for the next hour.
Bayboo would like to have both of the ropes but she is really great when she is told no, she sits and
looks at the toy Mindi had and whines a bit, but will not try to take it away (until I leave the room) But
then I will get it back to Mindi and she seems pleased.
Both girls are in great health and so full of love, I have to tell you there are times we prefer being with
them as to real people. Every night when we walk in after work they both are so happy to see us, it
doesn't get much better than this.
Bayboo loves her attention, she can sit and get petted for hours, and trust m if she doesn't get enough
pets, she will take her paw and gently pet us, as to say, I want more.

UPDATE 6/18/08 - I have to update Mindi, if you knew her, you would not know her now!  She
stand upright with her head high, she interacts with Paul and I on a regular basis.
When I get home at night she greets me at the door, she waits for her personal greeting. but then she
has this little "dance" she does, her front paws go up in the air, she bends a little to the right, touches
the ground, the up in the air and a little to the left, her little butt goes up in the air and then she sits next
to me to get her pets-
She and Bayboo get great pleasure on waking me in the morning, the run upstairs and Mindi gently get
on the bed, Bayboo jumps and lands on top of me and then the play with each other, Mindi actually
being a little forceful now, and when I am awake the both lay down to reast while I am in the
bathroom. As I prepare to go down stairs, Bayboo sits with her front paws down 1 step, Mindi sits on
the landing and waits for me to say lets go down stairs.
Bayboo can be a little pushy at times when she want her attention, she will come up o us and gently
"pet" us with her paw, until she gets her pets.
Both girls think they are still puppies and they will come to me as I sit in the recliner and actually put
their paws up on my lap, look at me with their big brown eyes and wait to be invited to sit in my lay-
Bayboo does it the most, but Mindi has learned how to do it and loves the attention.
Smart, they both recognize when we have boxes packed to go to the cottage. When we are home
from work and start packing the car, the will first go to the kitchen and look at their leashes and then
sit in the foyer waiting the have the leash attached to their collar to go to the car. I have to say they
both ride so nice. Bayboo like to sit up and watch the world go by and MIndi prefers to nap.
One day were will a mile from the cottage (and there are a lot of farms around us) and a heard of
cows got out, suddenly our car is surrounded by 25 or 30 cows, Bayboo went nuts barking at them,
but when told to sit she sat and just couldn't help wiggling until we got to the cottage.
Again, I can't say enough how lucky we are to be able to provide homes for these great girls-

UPDATE 8/13/07 - If someone told me 11 months ago Mindi would/could come out of her shell, I
would never have beleived it.  She is becoming a social butterfly. The funny thing is the difference in
her action when we are at the cottage at Black Lake vs being home. At home she is social, but stays
close to her safe zone behind my chair. She come out to let us know when she wants to go out side, or
if she want a treat, or if she wants to go to bed.
At the cottage she has a throw on the floor she loves to lay on, she has a mat on the deck where she
watches the horses next door, but the funny thing she loves to cuddle with me on the sofa. With no
coaching from us she will jump up and lay next to us (or Bayboo).
In the morning after she has gone outside with Paul she will come back in and join me in bed, if Paul
suggests to get me up Mindi will crawl up next to me a give me doggy kisses. She almost has a smile
on her face as much to say "I like this!" She just seems so proud of herself.
Both "girls" are great with their commands, before meals they both sit and wait until given the go
ahead. When we are at the cottage they will go to the door and when we pick up thie leashs, we will
tell them to sit and almost like they play it the sit right next to each other until the leashes are hooked.
Bayboo loves to play- every morning she grabs a stuffed toy and tosses it in the air and chases after it
running from room to room- you can just laugh watching her play for hours.
Both girls are doing so well, both so loving, and so good with all the company we have at the cottage-
Bayboo greet them on her terms, barking and requesting attention, but it fads fast- Mindi, once the
trust is built will now sit by a guest and allow them to pet her- a BIG STEP for her.  Both win over the
people that visit us.
I can't wait to tell the changes in Mindi on her 1 year anniversary!

UPDATE 7/25/07 - We wish you all could see the girl Mindi has become. When we get home and
she is uncrated, she will run upstairs to Bayboo's crate ad jump on the bed waiting for Bayboo to get
out, the two then play with each other, it almost looks like leap frog the way the jump over each other.  
The as w go down the stairs, Mindi will sit on the landing waiting for one of us to sit and talk with her.
Bayboo, sits closer to the edge with her paws on the top step, her butt on the landing- also waiting for
some conversation and praise.
When Mindi is unsure of what to do she goes back to old habits, crouching a bit, or hidding behind the
chair- but she then realizes she is missing out on the social things going on and will try to fit into the
activity going on.
We have finished our cottage at Black Lake and Mindi is a totally free girl there, she has her favorite
spot on the floor, she loves going out on the deck and watch the horses and cows on the farm
nextdoor.  She feels free enought  go to bed before we do, and relaxed enough to crawl up in my lap
for some personal time.
Since we don't have a fenced in area we need to taken them out often. All we need to say is out, and
both girls are at the door and sitting waiting for their trip outside.
I can't say enough what a treasure Mindi has been for us, it is such an honour to give here a home, and
Bayboo is so cute and loveable she brightens a room when she comes in.  The mother in Mindi can be
strong, she will put her paw on Bayboo's back and do a quick cleaning.
They are so good for each other, but that pales to the great pleasure we get from having them in our

UPDATE 3/14/07 - Three months have passed since Bayboo has joined us. She has settled in to her
new home. Her behavior is great, she has taught Mindi so much and assisted in Mindi becoming a
playful girl.
Bayboo has settled into patterns of comfort. She has learned our lifestyle and has followed us and
molded to us.  She gets up in the morning with Paul and goes out, When she and Mindi come in they
run upstairs to wake me and follow my every move until I go downstairs. They settle into a morning
pattern of going out again, relaxing while I prepare for work.  What I find amazing is that after my
shower and dress, Mindi goes to her crate, Bayboo sits in the kitchen and waits for her treats and then
follows me upstairs to her crate.
When Paul gets home, they run outside and they play for a bit-and the pattern is repeated when I get
home, Bayboo lead the meet and greet, she wags her tail so hard her whole back end just wiggles and
Mindi jins in and is so excited, her tail wagging and then she looks to Bayboo for guidance on what to
do- but Bayboo is so excited that she is not happy until we sit down, get a few pets in and hugs.
Dinner time arrives around 5-5:15 and Bayboo just sits carefully waiting for supper time, her meal is
served and Mindi then gets her meal. Mindi is done first, and is ready to go out, Bayboo checks
MIndi's didh to see if there was a morsal left and then runs to join Mindi outside.
While we prepare dinner, the girls are in and out of the kitchen, then they relax and rest whie we have
After dinner Bayboo likes to play for a while, giving each of us some time. She then settle down and
sleeps for a while, usually goes out and then follows me to bed.
It's like she has totally adjusted to our work patterns and just become our best friend all weekend.
With Bayboo's second birthday getting close, I am surprised how much of a puppy she still is. This
afternoon she followed me upstairs when I was changing my cloths. She ran into the bedroom, jumped
on the bed, gave me a big boxer kiss, and then bound of the bed, cleared the bedroom door and
landed in the middle of the hall, just as Mindi was coming up the stairs- Mindi went to the landing and
Bayboo jumped from the hall way down 4 stairs to the landing and they played there and then both
came back upstairs.
Her manners are great, she responds to comands so lovingly, and the pride on her little face when she
gets praise is so exciting to see. Sometimes she wiggles and wants to move, but stays in place until she'
told OK-
Bayboo has been such a blessing for us, but more so for Mindi- Mindi is a totally different boxer with
her teacher and mentor. THey each have a unique personality
but Bayboo has gently and lovingly brought Mindi out of her shell. I love it!!

UPDATE 3/6/07 - What a difference in Mindi!! To night she actually took a rawhide chew from
Bayboo.  She has been watching Bayboo chew on one for a week and tonight decided it looked like
fun. While Bayboo was outside Mindi ventured out from her safe spot and grabed the rawhide (what
was left of it) and went to here little corner of the world and started chewing.  Bayboo has looked at
Mindi a few times, but some how respects what she is doing and Bayboo was given a new chew.
When I get home afterwork Bayboo has her boxer wiggled when she greets me and Mindi has now
joined in, she now runs to the door wagging her tail, she wants to participate in the greeting but is
unsure what to do. The confused look on her face is priceless, she has a goofy smile and loves the
praise, but isn't totally sure wha is next. So after a couple of attempts to do something she retreats to
her safe corner and sits and waits for my coming to her and greeting her. This has even changed, she
sits up so straight and tall so she can be seen. Such a big difference from the crouching and hiding she
first started out with.
After they have there mid evening romp in the back yard they come in the house, Bayboo will sit in the
center of the kitchen and wait for her "good girl" treat and Mindi now enters, does her little race
around the dining room table and then will come to the kitchen to check what kind of treat it is- if it's a
dog biscut she will sniff it and retreat to the livingroom, but if it's a slice of cheese she will sit right down
and wait her turn.
As I type both girls are lying next to each other chewing away. They are so much fun and the greatest

UPDATE 2/14/07 -  What a charmer!  Bayboo is all settled in and doing great. She has Mindi
interacting with her and us and to watch the two of them play in the snow is so funny. What grace as
they run, they are as grceful as young fawns at play.
I was out of town all of last week, and did not get home until midnight Friday night, well Paul and the
girls waited up for me. Bayboo was so happy to see me her "smile" on her face and her tail were both
facing me and it was so cute, she gets her self into a "C" shape. Well after much petting and hugs and
sloppy boxer kisses she settled down.  When we went to bed she had to get on my pillow and wrap
herself around my head, almost like "you're home, and I won't let you go!"
She knows my pattern and each work day after Mindi gets crated in the morning, Bayboo will watch
as I prepare her treats, run to her crate and once in a while grab a toy she wants, and sits and waits for
her treat.  I find it so great that she is so well trained and still learns so much, so fast!!
The way she sits on the couch is so funny, she will lay over one of the pillows on the back, keeping an
eye on the neighborhood and us as well.  At times she needs to be petted and she will come up to us
and start peting us with her paw- until she gets her pets in for a while.
She has it down on how to let us know when she wants to go out, she will stand in the diningroom
doorway, looking at us and the back door, and if she's in a hurry she will ring the bells on the back
door.  What is so funny when she rings the bells, Mindi will run as fast as she can to go out with
Bayboo as well.
Bayboo is the best gift we could have ever received for us, but more so for Mindi, as she is now able
to see the fun in life and is enjoying her freedom.  Bayboo is so gental with Mindi and it is so much fun
watching the two together.

UPDATE 2/1/07 - I am still so excited to see the changes in Mindi on a daily basis.  She is actually
starting to play, he little stance in the halway is turning into a jesture where she will look at you, tease
you like she's going to charge you and then run and wiggle her tail.  She will then run down the stairs to
the landing, look up at us and then run back up. It is now a morning ritual that after she goes outside
she will now come in the house and run upstairs to wake me up.  She is actually looking at some toys
and you can see it in her face that she wants to play.  She is becoming the puppy she never was.

Ahe is also venturing out every afternoon when I get home, she greets me at the front door and wags
her tail, the runs to her safe zone, but again these are giant steps for her.

Baboo was getting to the point where she would go out and not want to come in, all you have to say is
come, followed by treat and zoom, she is at the door in a couple of seconds.

The two of them in the snow is so much fun, they have the gracefulness of deer as they prance around
the back yard. Even with the snow we have gotten they enjoy being out.

UPDATE 1/21/07 - We took the "girls" to the Doctor's yesterday for a meet and greet. The waiting
room was full and I became afraid that Mindi would run and hide and Bayboo would bark at
everyone.  Once again they had to prove me wrong, Bayboo did growl a couple of times when
strangers got to close, but they put their hand out and she sniffed them and all was good, Mindi is
becoming a social butterfly in public. She sat there and allowed people to pet her and truly ate up the
attention, both are doing well.

The Doctor looked both girls over and we gave him the medical information provided us.  THey are
now on a routine where we will get post cards to remind us what needs to be done and when. The
only concern that he had was with Mindi, the fact that she had so many puppies will increase her
chances of breast cancer, so we need to be aware and check her on a regular basis.

Mindi is becoming more and more social, she will run up and down the stairs to check on us when we
are upstairs and even play with Bayboo in the hall way.  One of the many "special" moments with them
is just sitting on the steps as we come down the landing, Mindi likes the top step, with her paws on the
top sep as well, Bayboo sits in the same place, but puts her paws on the first step down.  It is so cute
siting there with them, they both give puppy kisses and love to have their heads scratched.

I am still so overjoyed with Bayboo helping Mindi become a puppy where she can play and enjoy it- It
was so cute at the Doctor's yesterday, many people actually thought they were sisters- not biologically,
but if not sisters very special friends!!

UPDATE 1/14/07 - Bayboo has settled in very nicely.  For such a young girl, she has been very
careful with Mindi since the first day she arrived. The obedience training that Dan and Jackie did with
her has been great, being as young as she is there is still a LOT of puppy in her and the training has
been helpful.  She listen so well.
Dinner time is an fun experience. Paul does special dinners for both girls.  The each get chicken, Mindi
mixed with canned food, Bayboo, mixed with dry food, chicken brooth and a pouch of food.  Bayboo
eats in the kitchen, as soon as Paul has her dinner ready, (after a couple days of telling her to sit) she
looks at him, he asks her what she has to do, and she goes to her dish, sits and waits for super time,
the Mindi is served in her "safe" spot in the living room.  After Bayboo finishes she will go into the
livingroom, wait for Mindi to be done (and we know this as Mindi goes right for the back door)and
then Bayboo with check to see if Mindi left anything and then run to meet her as they both go outside.
Once they are out, they run and play (Yes Mindi has learned that it's OK to play) do their business
and Mindi is back to the house, but Bayboo communicated with the other dogs in the neighborhood.
It is so easy in the morning when I prepare to leave for work, I will say "crate girls", and Mindi is right
in hers and Bayboo will go upstairs (where her crate is) jump on the bead and wait for me, I collect
her toys a couple of treats, set them in the crate and she's in there with out a word.
I think Me and My Shadow would be a great theme song for Bayboo, she's there with me be it the
basement, the bathroom, or anywhere I go, Mindi has now joined her in the following and it is so cute
to watch the two. Mindi with go down on her front two paws, shake her tush, wag her tail and run with
Bayboo.  To think Mindi could/would ever play was not something I thought I would see, but to watch
the two play is so exciting. Bayboo is so gental with Mindi, I know she sences something is different,
and she gently encourages her to play. It is so exciting.
Our weekend routine is that Bayboo needs to go out 7 or so in the morning, everyday, but on the
weekend she will run back upstairs and jump in bed giving me a lot of doggy kisses. Well for the past
two weeks Mindi has followed her up, last week Mindi got on the bed and enjoyed it, and this
weekend, she and Bayboo both jumped up, played and have created a weekend habit that is so much
Bayboo is VERY vocal when we have company, she barks and talks to them which checking them
out, and once she approves, she goes off to play or sleep.
We always warn guests, but all our friends are dog friendly. and Bayboo can win the coldest heart
over. She has that great smile where her teeth show and wen she is totally relaxed, her toung hangs out
just a bit.
We feel so please to have Bayboo, and are more excited on how she has been so good for Mindi and
the bond that they both have is great.
We have a meet and greet next Saturday with the vet for both girls.  We thought it would be good to
get them in while well and so the Dr. can get to meet them to get on o schedual for their normal
updates and care.

UPDATE 12/25/06 - Merry Christmas!!  And it is. Bayboo has been with us a week and it was the
best gift anyone could every have. She has brough life into the house and had brought out a whole new
girl in Mindi!
Bayboo settled in the first day and has be a bundle of joy and energy.  I don't think she knows here
size yet as she still loves to crawl up in our laps and cuddle, and who are we to tell her no??  She is
just one of the most loving little girls we have had the pleasure of meeting.
And Bayboo has done in one week what we have been trying to do in 3 months with Mindi.  Mindi is
very careful, but becoming very social.  On day one Mindi show Bayboo the best spots in the yard to
go, and had a VERY se pattern of how she would run the yard. Nurotic-Complusive I think is the
term, and Bayboo went along with it for the first few days, but Bayboo has Mindi exploring a little bit
and going in other directions that just the set pattern.  In the huse, Mindi is now exploring where
Bayboo is going and will now join in visiting us in the basement wehen we are down there as well as
coming upstairs to check on us.  Before Bayboo, Mindi would come upstairs, but the second you said
her name she ran, now she sits down and waits for a pet.
They have become very close with each other, Bayboo is not pushy at all and Mindi seems to enjoy
the company of anothe Boxer.
It was great the Bayboo had gone to obedience school, her listening skills are great and it helps with
the puppy in her yet.
Bayboo's confidence is one of the greatest gifts for Mindi as Mindi is learning so much and when they
lay down together they even lick each other.
Happy Holidays!!

12/17/06 - Bayboo has been adopted!

12/2/06 - Bayboo wanted me to tell you that she graduated from 8 weeks of obedience. It has helped
her alot with her confidence.  She makes me laugh.  She loves to go in the car but when we would get
there, I would have to pull her out of the car like she had no idea of where we were.  She will continue
to benefit from more obedience when she is adopted.  She also wanted me to tell you what she wants
for Christimas.  She wants her own family more than anything in the world.  She certainly is deserving
of her second chance at a
great life.  Please help make her dream come true.  This week she even has welcomed a new foster
girl into our home.  Today, Bayboo, Peaches and our new foster girl, Tillie had a little race around the
house.  They were coming in one door and out the back door not obeying the speed limit at all while
their foster dad was putting up Christmas lights.  I'm happy to report that everyone is taking a much
needed nap right now.  Ahwww, 7 boxers filling the couch and dog beds sleeping like babies.  Life
could get no better.  Bayboo is a great dog and she just needs a home where she can become a part
of family life.  She wants to please.  Think about giving her the best present ever- A home to call her

11/19/06 - Bayboo is continuing to do well at her foster home. She is still attending obedience class
every week and I do believe that the socialization is doing her a world of good. She will continue to
come out of her shell the more that she is exposed to different things in life. As she gains more
confidence, we will see improvement in her social skills. Bayboo's foster parents were away from
home a couple of days this week and she was boarded at a small kennel near by. She did great and
the girl who runs this kennel couldn't believe how sweet she was. She really liked her and had no
problems at all. She even met her husband and she was slow at meeting him but warmed up to him
quickly. She just becomes afraid and needs extra time.
She is living with 5 foster brothers and sisters and does well at being in the pack. She has a few
favorites and will often try to get someone to play. She will do some barking and play bowing trying to
get them going.
Sometimes she is successful and enjoys the playtime. Bayboo loves attention and just enjoys getting
some one on one. I think from her lack of alot of attention in her early life, has made her just want so
much attention that she wants it all for herself. She is deserving of a home that will make her a big part
of their life. She will be happy in her new home once she knows where she belongs. We try to give her
as much attention as we can but again there are 5 other dogs here. Bayboo is a great eater and eats
twice a day some dry kibbled food. She likes toys and often I find her emptying the toy box to get just
the right toy. She does play well with the other dogs but I think she likes dogs her size and not little
ones. She walks very nice on a
leash. Bayboo is very much wanting a home of her own. She is a very dedicated dog who will be
forever grateful for her chance at a normal life. If you have some patience, I do believe that you will
have a great dog in your home. Think about making this girl a part of your family. You won't be sorry
and you will be amazed as you work together to become best friends.

10/18/06 -Bayboo has been attending obedience school with her brother Diamond for the last few
weeks to simply get her some much needed socialization. Bayboo had many big changes in her life and
I believe that with some continued socialization and patience, she will be a welcome member to any
home. She is very sweet and loves to get attention. She likes to play with the other dogs and many
times she will be barking at another dog to see if they want to play. When you see her do this, you
realize that she is a very young dog
and loves to play. Her bark makes her sound like a young dog as she has a puppy bark. She will kind
of do a little dance in front of one of the male dogs to get their attention. Her uncertainty that we saw
with meeting
adults and children I believe was from being frightened. I have learned that Bayboo and Diamond
spent their days living outside in a fenced yard and were only brought in to crate at night. Boxers really
don't do well with a life like that. They love their people and need companionship. She has really
settled in here and actually does a really good job at obedience class. She does what is asked and
doesn't pay much attention to the other
adults and children there. I think that she and her brother just have not had any experience with
children so I would like to see her go to either a family with teenage children or just adults. She can
learn and is very
willing to learn but will just need to continue to be socialized and shown that she doesn't have to be
frightened. She met our son who is in his early 20's and was just very cautious with him until she
realized that he was her friend. At that point, she wouldn't leave him alone. Bayboo loves to snuggle on
the couch and she is so funny as she stretches way back almost sitting like a real person. She will
become a very dedicated dog to her family. She has learned alot in obedience class already. She
works with her foster dad and seems to really enjoy that. Diamond has no issues with her food or
bowl. She crates very nicely and loves her peanut butter filled marrow bone. She is very excited when
you come home. She has had no accidents in her crate. She doesn't really like the rain so she would
like to go to a home where the sun is always out. We have had lots of rainy days here in New York so
she takes some extra coaxing to get outside. I don't know if it is because she lived in Louisianna or
what but rain is not her favorite. Bayboo will give back what she receives. I think you will fall in love
with her. She will be worth the effort that you put in for sure. Think about taking her home. Helping a
dog learn about life and then start to enjoy her life is a great experience for any dog lover.

10/08/06 - Bayboo's foster parents have decided to enroll Miss Bayboo in obedience class to see if
we can help her with proper socialization and building her confidence. She will attend with her brother
who also will benefit from this experience. We are all looking forward to it and they are both great
dogs now that they have settled in at their foster home. Please check back to see her progress but I do
believe that it will be a good thing.

9/25/06 - Diamond & Bayboo have shown some aggression issues with children & are not available
for adoption at this time.

9/21/06 - Bayboo is doing great at her foster home.  She is now with all her foster brothers and sisters
and is doing a pretty good job.  She can be the little mother and perhaps show one of them that she
doesn’t approve of their behavior at that moment but it is short lived and once you speak to her,
she gets over it.  She loves to run in her fenced in area and play with a toy that she might find outside.  
Yesterday, the toy of the day was a stuffed raccoon and everyone at different times shared it.  Her
brother Diamond ended up with the tail.  All night, he walked around with it hanging out of his mouth.  
Needless to say, the raccoon is no longer found in the toy box.  Bayboo seems very interested in many
happenings in the household.  She likes to see up close what you are doing.  She is very curious.  She
spends her day in a crate next to her brother and does fine with that.  She is loving her peanut butter
filled marrow bone and will go in almost without asking her.  She is a sweetheart and loves attention.  
She eats it right up.  She is eating twice daily some dry kibble.  We have been trying to find something
that she will eat all the time but she seems to like it best dry.  At night, she sleeps in our spare bedroom
on the bed with her brother.  She is good in there and is always happy to see us in the morning.  
Bayboo will bark when something outside alerts her.  Just from what I have learned about her, she will
become a very dedicated companion to her family.  She has the stronger personality of the two of
them.  Her brother Diamond, likes it that way; he has no worries when she is around.  We think that
Bayboo is one special girl.

9/15/06 - Bayboo is one of the new guests that have arrived at the Boxer'In.  She came into rescue
from Louisianna.  She was owned by a family that is still helping with all the Katrina dogs and he
decided that in order to continue to help them, he would give up some of his own dogs to make room
for more. Bayboo came in with her brother whose name is Diamond.  Her previous owner stated that
he felt they didn't need to go together but should have another dog in the household for the
companionship. They get along great if you have any interest in both. Bayboo would like to thank her
transporters who all went above and beyond the call. She is stressed as you can only imagine but has
eaten a couple of meals already and had a good night sleep staying in our spare bedroom suite with her
brother.  We will try to introduce them to their 6 foster brothers and sisters later today.  We won't rush
them and we will take it slow.  Bayboo was very well taken care of as she is spayed and up to date on
her vaccinations.  She is a very cute fawn female, with black mask and white chest and feet.  She
should do well here as we help her find her way to her new home.  Check back to see her progress.  
You would be very lucky to have her in your family.
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