RUSS => Rusty
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AGE: 2-3 years
WEIGHT:  Unsure
SEX: Male
COAT COLOR: deep red fawn
CHILDREN under 4:  Yes
CHILDREN OVER 4: untested, but very likely
CATS: Unsure
UPDATE 11/11/05 - Rusty is doing great, last weekend he had a play date with my niece Gina's 2 boxer boys and I
can'tbelieve how great they all got along, no boxing, but lots of running.
One of the funiest thing I have seen is Rusty leading Foxy around the yard by her collar.  Somehow he was able to
grab the end that falls short of going through the loop of her collar and was leading her all over the yard.  Never
saw that before.
Rusty is also showing me more affection, lots of kisses, he does try to use those beautiful eyes on me when he's
gotten into something that he shouldn't have.  I hate to admit this, but Foxy is showing Rusty the ropes when it
comes to mischeif, nowI have 2 dogs drinking from the pond, a little netting over the pond has not stopped either
one from going in for a drink.
When it comes to my 2 cats, Rusty has gotten a little braver, he just better watch because they both have their
claws, he barks at them when he sees them because he wants to play with any animal he sees, (better hope no
skunks come into the yard) lol.
Well that's it for now, again I want to thank everyone who helped me to get Rusty and I'm sure he would too!

UPDATE 10/20/05 - Rusty fits in so perfectly that you'd have thought he was here forever. I want to thank the people
who gave him up they made a huge mistake, and did me a great favor.  Rusty gets along great with my Foxy Lady
(16 month golden lab) and with my two cats.
I'm hoping that maybe my girl will learn from Rusty.  He must have had some training in the past because he
knows all his commands, he is also very gentle and calm around the little ones, not a barker, just very vocal when
he plays.
On the trip home (7 hours on the road) he slept most of the time so that was good and walked into the house like
just returned from a long ride.
We went to the vet on Monday, Rusty was given a cortozone shot to stop him from itching (turns out he had fleas)
and because his incisions are healing.
Rusty is also on antibotics to prevent any infections as well as a salve for his stitches.  Monday (10/24) his stitches
will be removed.
That's it for now.

10/15/05 - Russ has been adopted!

09/17/05 . If you want a loving family dog who won't try to sleep in your bed, then Russ is the guy for you!! He is the
first dog I have ever met who won't sleep in the bed, even if I try and coax him - he jumps right down. I have a
feeling he's been reprimanded harshly for getting on the bed in the past. He also does not like to sleep in the
closed bedroom with the rest of us, which is odd because he's certainly not aloof and loves our company. I have a
few theories about this - he may have been locked in bedrooms when his previous owners didn't want to deal with
him, or he may just prefer being in a big open space. At night, he goes downstairs and sleeps on the dog bed in
the living room, which is open to a big hallway, by the front door, at the base of the stairs, and close to my 80 year
old mother''s room, so it may just be that he wants to be where he can keep an eye on everything. My mother said
he's come in there to check on her at night, but doesn't climb in the bed. How sweet is that?

He really likes playing with toys and his foster brothers, but never gets too rough. Outside, he sticks with the pack
and has shown no interest in running off - he's a family guy. I would just love to see him go to a household with
kids since he is really cute with little ones and loves to play, but he's not a jumper. When he gets excited, he'll spin
in big circles but seems to know not to get too close to people he might hurt in his excitement. The only bad thing I
have seen him do so far is kind of strange considering that he doesn't like to get on the bed... one day he was on
the couch and I wanted him to get down and he wouldn't and I had to really pull him by the collar to get him down.
That is the only stubborness I have seen in him so I don't think it will be a problem. It's obvious he's been dealt
with harshly in the past, so he may have thought I was mad at him and he was going to be punished. Once he
relaxes and those bad memories are far behind him and he realizes he will never have to worry about when his
next meal will come, I am sure he will blossom into an even more loving, sweet happy dog. I'm calling the vet
tomorrow to set up a time to have his lumps checked out. He also has a slight case of kennel cough, so I'll let the
vet decide if he needs antibiotics or not. Poor guy has been through so much but still manages to keep a happy
disposition. He is a real gem and has so much to give.  A loving family and some obedience training will turn this
boy into a super star - is yours the lucky family to bring this special guy homeand give him the wonderful life he

9/13/05  Russ arrived here at the Chadwick Bay Boxer Retreat yesterday.  He is young, friendly and happy, despite
being grossly emaciated and a bit hand shy. So far, he has met a three year old boy, and he was just wonderful
with him (playful and excited but gentle) and several people and dogs. He is friendly to everyone, and when
another dog tries pushing him around, he is completely submissive and just sits still. He is full of wiggles with
whomever he meets, and just seems to have an all-around good nature. I would say Russ is between 2 and 3
years old, a perfect age since he's outgrown a lot of the puppy craziness, but still very young and alert and playful.

Russ clearly has not had a lot of training, but he does know some basics. So far he appears to be housebroken -
he gets right down to business when he goes out and seems to realize that is what we go there to do and he
hasn't yet messed in the house. I let him sleep with the other dogs last night (in my room) and he was a very good
boy all night. He is the typical boxer who is very curious, alert and wants to be nearby all the time. He is not overly
clingy, but definitely bonds very nicely with people. He likes to snuggle and give kisses to the skin and fur folks

Russ will go right in the crate, but gets a little nervous when I take him by the collar. I believe he thinks he is getting
into trouble hen he is taken by the collar (I have seen this with other dogs that have been mistreated) but he goes
in and only fusses a little if he knows I am around. Otherwise, he settles down and does just fine. I am looking for
potential issues with him, and so far I just don't see any, except that he needs work on the leash and some basic
obedience. He's happy go lucky, friendly and very sweet. I think he will be very easy to train.

I named him Russ, for "russet" since he has one of the richest red coats I have ever seen. Considering how
disturbingly underweight he is, his coat should really look bad, but it doesn't - it is beautiful and soft! He has a few
scars here and there, but such a handsome face. He has a short, straight nose without a lot of wrinkles. I think that
brings out his eyes more, and he is very expressive. He is handsome already and will just continue to look better
all the time since he will never have to worry about where his next meal will be ever again. He has a lump on his
flank and his ear (along the crop line) so we'll see what the vet has to say about these and if they can be removed
right away, or if he needs to gain some weight before surgery. Another SCBR volunteer said his lumps minded her
of the benign calcium deposits that were present on a foster she had last year, so let's hope Russ' aren't serious
either. Get your apps in soon because he really is one very special guy, and I am so grateful to be able to give him
his much-deserved Second Chance!