AGE: 1 year
WEIGHT: 43 lbs
SEX: Male
NEUT/UTD:  Yes/Yes
CHILDREN under 4:  Yes

06/23/05 - Crunchy is back in rescue for a few weeks now and he is doing great. He is one great
puppy. He has been gaining weight and eating like a champ. He seems to be a happy boy. His
digestion seems to be getting better. He goes all night in his crate without an accident. If I didn't know
he had a problem I would never pick up on it. He seems like a normal happy puppy. My vet tried him
on a new medication for his colitis and it truely seems to be working like magic. Crunchy needs a
home where someone is willing to put up with his antics and crazy boxer play.  He prefers a home with
another dog to play with. He loves kids and a good game of rolling on the ground. Crunchy needs a
understanding home that will be able to deal with his occasional flare ups from colitis. He has so much
to offer are you the lucky home that gets to share your life with him?

05/16/05 - Crunchy has arrived at his new foster home today and is fitting in well. He now has an
older foster brother Jack and a "twin" foster sister that is only a few months older than him, Jasmine.
Crunchy, Jack and Jasmine have been running in the back yard all day to today and are enjoying each
others company very nicely.
For those of you who don't know Crunchy needed to find another foster home. He was being fostered
by another SCBR volunteer the past 3 months and the volunteers own boxer (Bruno) had an eye
injury that wasn't healing very well. Bruno is now required to wear a E-Collar and Crunchy wasn't
adjusting the "no-playing" rule and Bruno was getting understandable defensive having the E-Collar on.
So Crunchy is here and doing well. He was dropped off on Saturday morning and spent the day
checking out his new surroundings and new foster Brother and Sister. I was very impressed and
relieved with the way Crunchy smoothly transitioned into the house. My older male Jack isn't too keen
on other Males being the house but accepted Crunchy with lots of wiggles and whoo whoo's. Crunchy
is very calm for only being a year old and is well mannered except for his bed-hogging abilities. The
first night we had Crunchy sleep in his crate to make sure everyone would keep calm for the night;
Crunchy went into the crate very well and fell asleep quickly… But it didn't last. He was up letting us
know he had to go potty within 2 hours. So we took him out and back in the crate he went where he
settled down nicely… but again it didn't last… Another 2 hours he was awake. It went on like this the
whole night. Needless to say I was quickly re-thinking my offer to foster him but knew that it takes
time for Boxers to settle into their surroundings. We finally let him snuggle into the bed with our Boxer
girl Jasmine at 6am and there he slept like a baby until 10am when we finally dragged ourselves out of
bed. Last night we allowed him to sleep in our bed (I couldn't handle  another night of no sleep) and to
our amazement he only woke up once and that was because Jasmine was hogging his space, so since
he was awake I took him out to see if he had to go potty. He went then ran right back up stairs and
climbed under the covers… He didn't wake up again until I dragged him out of bed this morning!! He
must know he's a prince and belongs in the big comfy bed!
Now it's been said that Crunchy likes to steal food off of counters so I was a bit nervous since I was
baking like a mad woman this weekend making cookies for the SCBR Pet Fest in Maine this coming
weekend. I had hundreds of cookies cooling on all the counter tops and kitchen table and Crunchy
showed no interest in any of them (and it's not because I'm a bad cook!!)! He was very well behaved
and I didn't have to correct him once!
So Crunchy is doing great and I have to say he is the sweetest little guy ever! He and my little girl
Jasmine look almost identical, if Crunchy didn't have his little strip of white on his nose they would be
impossible to tell apart! I would suggest people get their  applications in right away, he's gained a little
weight, gotten some extra help with his puppy manners and has turned into even more of a good
catch! I'll update often on this little angel.

05-10-05 - Well, it's been a couple of weeks since our last update and Crunchy is soooo sad that
nobody as adopted him yet. He is very eager to find a home of his own. His foster brother, Bruno has
a bad eye injury and is unable to play as much as he would like, so poor Crunchy mopes around. He
is such a good cuddler and will curl right up on the couch with you. It's kind of funny - he will just hop
up and plop on you where he lands, unlike others, who will prance back and forth finding just the
perfect spot before finally laying down. Sometimes his position looks awkward and uncomfortable,
but I don't think he minds, as long as he is touching you somehow. We have had a couple of incidents
of getting into food that he's not supposed to, but ironically, it did not upset his tummy too much. He
seems to be attracted to carbs - bread, candy, etc. So, I'm learning the hard way about keeping
edibles secured or out of reach! He's been doing well in his crate, especially at night now. He will quiet
right down with minimal whimpering, and go to sleep, but I find that within 5-6 hours, he will wake me
up barking, because he needs to go out. So, I get up and let him out for a quick stretch and potty
break and he will then go right back in the crate until time to wake up. Please submit an application
today, so that Crunchy can finally have a forever home to call his own!

4/18/05 - It's been a good week here for Crunchy. The weather has been great, so he's really enjoying
being outside running and playing in the backyard. He's realized now that the Gentle Leader is a good
thing - it means that he gets to go for a walk! He's doing really good on a leash now, as long as he
wears the Gentle Leader. Crating him when I have to leave the house has gotten easier and he goes
right in with a treat. Yesterday, he 'helped' me clean up the yard of his toys. I would pick one up and
he would bring another one out. It was a fun game for him! Not sure what the deal is, but he seems to
think that ALL of his toys belong outside. It's the first thing he does when I get home and let him out -
he brings a toy outside (holds it in his mouth while he pees - it's very cute). Well, this boy certainly is a
good catch and I'm sure will do great with a little training, so hurry up and get your application in!!

04/11/05 - Crunchy has been returned due to no fault of his own. He is settling back in here and is
waiting by the phone again. Don't miss a great opportunity to get yourself a great little fawn cutie!

4/9/05 - Crunchy was adopted!

04/07/05 - Poor Crunchy is very sad that nobody has called yet to take him to his forever home. He
doesn't understand why such a cute boxer boy has to wait so long for his new family. While he waits
for the phone to ring, he finds much happiness chasing Bruno, playing with toys, or trying to eat any
food that foster mom might have left out on a counter. Isn't there anyone out there that needs a little
snuggle-bug with big brown eyes who loves to give kisses????

3/25/05 - Well, Crunchy made it through his surgery fine yesterday.  He's recovering at home now.  
I'm happy to report that he's gained another pound!  He's up to 43 lbs.  I love to see him wiggle with
happiness more now.  What a difference a few weeks can make!

He's been resting a lot today - don't blame him after his experience yesterday at the vet!  I'm spoiling
him with tons of hugs, kisses and snuggles.  I've even allowed him on the couch to cuddle, which he
loves.  This boy is a great catch, and now that he's neutered, he's ready to go to his forever home!

3/21/05 - Crunchy is scheduled for Thursday for his neuter!  Better get those applications in because
he will be free to go to his forever home after his surgery!  It will be a challenge to keep him quiet for a
couple of days while he recovers.  What a little ball of energy this boy is!  I can't believe how much he
has improved over the last few weeks.  His digestion is stable and he's doing great on the Nutro.  He
got weighed last week and he is a whopping 42 pounds!  He still needs a few more pounds to fill out.
Bruno sure will miss his little buddy when he goes to his forever home.  They have become great

If you are a home with kids, or other dogs, who love to play, this is the dog for you!  You will fall in
love with him as soon as you look into his big brown eyes!

Oh yeah, I think I finally discovered why his name is "Crunchy":  I busted him breaking into a bag of
garbage that I was about to take outside and he was caught "crunching" away on the cat poop
covered with litter! (I had just cleaned the litter box) Yuck!! Needless to say, he did not get any kisses
that night!!

3/12/05 - Crunchy is no longer eating chicken & rice added to his Nutro!  He seems to be handling it
well, although I've had to make the portions a little smaller and feed him more often (to avoid him
eating too much too fast).  We have discovered that his favorite toy is a tennis ball, or any other ball.  
It's so much fun to watch him play - it's very entertaining!  It seems that I can't have enough toys
around - he and Bruno just love to play!  They also enjoy a good game of tag in the back yard - they
love to run and chase each other.  Crunchy is VERY fast!  A fenced yard, or lots of land away from
roads, would be needed for his forever home as he loves to chase bunny rabbits and any other little
critter that catches his eye!  Nights have gotten easier now that I've stopped crating him.  He sleeps
right next to my bed and he will sleep all through the night now!  What a good boy!

As for some bad habits, he does have a few, but none that can't be handled with some training.  He
tends to mouth/nibble while playing and when wound up, so we are working on that.  He also barks
frequently at people, animals, or noises outside and also when initially crated (a Kong filled with kibble
helps that though).  We are also working on his manners while on a leash - he pulls a lot, so I've
started using a Gentle Leader which helps but is very hard to get on him.  I also am not able to vacuum
when he is nearby - he will attack the machine!  Other than those minor things, this little boy is great!  
He comes when called, usually responds to "NO", and will often sit when asked.  The colitis seems to
be manageable with a good diet.  This beautiful boxer would make a great addition to some lucky

3/3/05 - Crunchy is doing great here and is feeling more at home. He's starting to be a little more
snuggly and loves to give kisses. The diet is going well and he seems to be handling the Nutro added
to the chicken & rice. I have not seen any diarrhea in a few days now, and no blood in the stool either.
We have not had any accidents in the house since the last update! I'm hoping that he'll start gaining
some weight now that his digestion is better. Next step will be to get him neutered, so better get those
applications in because I know he won't last long here! He's a great little boy!

2/27/05 - Well, I'm happy to say that Crunchy is acting more like a puppy every day.  His energy level
has increased steadily every day and he LOVES to play with Bruno.  I am now able to let them play
freely downstairs and they get along like brothers.  Bruno seems to have regressed back to playful
puppystage himself having this little ball of energy around.  A few toys have already been destroyed in
the play sessions, but at least they are having fun!  Crunchy loves to chase our two resident kitties, so
a house without cats would be best for his forever home.

Overall, Crunchy is a great little boy, with lots of personality.  He responds well to his name and "no".  
He usually sits when asked, but beyond that does not seem to know any other commands.  He is
housetrained for the most part, but we have had a few accidents in the house and one in the crate.  I
have learned that Crunchy is able to climb over gates, and escape from his wire crate (which has since
been secured and I believe is now escape-proof).  Typical puppy mischief!  He is crate-trained and
will go in and out fine, but is quite vocal for a little while until he decides to go to sleep, but once
asleep he is able to sleep all night.
As for Crunchy's digestive problem, it seems to be manageable so far.  Boiled chicken and white rice
has been the most successful so far, which he gets 4 times a day.  I will be starting to add a little dry
food today (Nutro for Sensitive Stomach), so we will see what happens.  As soon as he is able to put
on a couple of pounds, we can schedule his neuter and then he will be able to go to his forever home!

2/22/05 - Just a quick update:  Crunchy visited our vet yesterday. He's about 10 pounds underweight,
so we'll be working on that.  He needs to put on a few pounds and get his diarrhea under control
before we get him neutered.  I can tell he is feeling better because he woke me up at 3 am for what I
thought would be a potty break, but no, he made a bee-line right to a toy - and wanted to play! It was
great to see him act more like a puppy, even if it was 3 am!  He's enjoying rice cakes for a treat and is
still eating very bland chicken and rice.  He was having real trouble with his crate - hated it, so I
switched him from the hard plastic to a wire crate and it's made all the difference.  He even goes in
and out on his own.  What a cutie he is!

2/20/05 - Crunchy arrived safe and sound tonight after a LONG transport.  Poor thing is exhausted
and is resting at my feet.  What a sweet little (very little) boy!  He's a beautiful fawn, with some white
on his neck, belly and toes.  He definitely needs to put on some weight!  It appears that he has colitis,
but it's unknown how severe or what foods he will be able handle.  He seems very good natured so
far and extremely happy to be out of the shelter and into a home!  We'll get him checked out by the
vet asap - he will need to get his "nip & tuck", but may have to put on a few pounds first and get the
colitis under control.  So far, he's very calm around my 5 year old son and is very interested in meeting
Bruno, but that will have to wait a little longer - they just sniff each other through the gate for now.
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